Identity Governance with a Purpose – Deciding and Documenting Why Access is Granted
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Identity Governance with a Purpose – Deciding and Documenting Why Access is Granted

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 09:30—09:50
Location: C 01

Deciding what constitutes appropriate access to sensitive information is a growing challenge for today’s enterprise. Whether it is regarding securing mission critical enterprise data or protecting the privacy of data gathered about the organization’s customers, an often-overlooked element is capturing and documenting the reasons why a given access request or entitlement is necessary and appropriate for the continued operation of the business.   Organizations are required to manage the data that they are entrusted with in a secure, purpose-based, and privacy-compliant manner.  Identity Governance processes can help the enterprise review the current state of access, make decisions regarding the validity of this access state, and attest to its accuracy.  Identity Governance processes are also ideally suited to also document the reasons why this access state is appropriate and necessary for business operations.

This session will cover how Identity Governance processes can help enterprises refine their security, make better access control decisions, and provide much clearer accountability around why access is granted – all in better alignment with Zero Trust initiatives.

Nick Nikols
Nick Nikols
OpenText I Cybersecurity
Nick has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry both in developing industry leading Identity and Cybersecurity solutions and as an industry analyst conducting research and...


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