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Blog Post  Mar 28, 2023
The Disjointed State of CIAM
As conscious consumers, we are all familiar with the different stages of the digital consumer lifecycle from registration and onboarding to authentication, transaction, and sometimes also the deletion of an account. As users we expect a frictionless experience while our data is kept safe.
Blog Post  Mar 23, 2023
Identity Fabrics: Where Do You Stand? Where Should You Go?
The term and concept of Identity Fabrics has become popular in recent years. We observe widespread adoption of the concept as the foundation for further evolving IAM (Identity & Access Management) infrastructures. To provide a guideline for organizations, KuppingerCole Analysts have developed a matu
Blog Post  Mar 21, 2023
The Path of Unifying Identities
One Identity Field Strategist Robert Byrne explains why he thinks that the identity community needs to better educate business and even IT managers who shortsightedly equate identity with their login account.
Blog Post  Mar 15, 2023
UK Data Protection – What Is Changing
On March 8th, 2023, the UK Government introduced a new Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (2) into parliament. The government announcement of this bill claimed that “British Businesses to Save Billions Under New UK Version of GDPR”. What does this mean in practical terms for businesses
Blog Post  Mar 14, 2023
Avoiding Pitfalls in CIAM
Sadrick Widmann, CEO at cidaas, thinks that the biggest risk to an organization’s network is the user. Therefore, users need to be supported by frictionless technology so they don't engage in risky behavior.
Blog Post  Mar 09, 2023
Are Cyber Insurance Policies Necessary?
Cyber insurance offers protection against financial damage resulting from catastrophes involving computer networks, such as data breaches, network failures, and cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance policies are typically used to cover a wide variety of costs associated with cyber incidents, including reme
Blog Post  Feb 13, 2023
CIAM: Balancing security and user experience to get value from customer data
Business is increasing going online in the digital and post-pandemic era, and as a result, the collection, protection, and management of consumer and customer information has become extremely important.
Blog Post  Jan 25, 2023
Gear Up for the Future with Decentralized Identity
In the digital era, business would greatly benefit from having increased identity assurance levels, be able to interact securely with partners, suppliers, consumers, and customers, and be able to reduce the administrative load during onboarding or ongoing verification of credentials.


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