The Year of Connected Identity: Bringing it all Back Home
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The Year of Connected Identity: Bringing it all Back Home

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 15:40—16:00
Location: C 01

Cybersecurity practitioners agree that Identity is now at the heart of everything we do.  A variety of inescapable forces have brought us to this point and our success in the next years depends critically on how well we exploit the strategically placed Identity center piece.  Rising to this challenge requires our accumulated business analysis and deployment experience as well as the power of modern Identity platforms.  Critical to realizing this vision is an integrated set of connected identity services that communicate seamlessly within the identity fabric but also across the wider Cyber security ecosystem. One Identity lives and breathes connected Identity, and we are happy to share our experience helping organizations achieve value from connected identity security models.  Whether you are struggling to integrate your existing Identity silos, wondering what Zero Trust means for identity or looking to new Identity services like PBAC and decentralized identity, One Identity's innovative approach and design patterns shared in this session will be of interest.

Robert Byrne
Robert Byrne
One Identity
Rob Byrne, a field strategist at One Identity, has worked in IT for more than 15 years in various roles – including development, consulting and technical sales – the majority of his...


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