The Disjointed State of CIAM
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The Disjointed State of CIAM

Marius Goeddert
Published on Mar 28, 2023

As conscious consumers, we are all familiar with the different stages of the digital consumer lifecycle from registration and onboarding to authentication, transaction, and sometimes also the deletion of an account. As users we expect a frictionless experience while our data is kept safe.

In today’s Speaker Spotlight James Lapalme, Vice President Identity at Entrust, explains why organizations issuing digital identities need to gain a full view of the currently somewhat disjointed landscape of customer identities to be able to offer security and a frictionless user experience at the same time.

Don't miss James’ keynote at this year's European Identity and Cloud Conference 2023 entitled The Evolution of CIAM and What’s in Store for the Future of Identities.


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