Managing Privileged Access in Complex IT Environments for Business Benefit
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Managing Privileged Access in Complex IT Environments for Business Benefit

Warwick Ashford
Published on Apr 03, 2023

Ensuring that only authorized individuals can access IT systems and data is at the core of cybersecurity, especially as most successful cyber-attacks are enabled by the abuse of stolen credentials. Access management, therefore, is an essential part of any cybersecurity strategy, but in the modern business world, where cloud computing, virtual machines, DevOps, automation, AI, and remote working are common, this can be extremely challenging.

Adding to the complexity of access management, these business IT technologies and practices increasingly involve the use of service accounts for humans and machines to perform IT tasks. These are commonly known as privileged accounts, which are given to privileged users to enable them to access critical resources and perform admin-level actions.

In the light of continually increasing and evolving cyber threats, management of this high-level access is critical for all modern businesses because the misuse of privileged accounts and credentials is a popular and powerful technique used by cyber attackers.

PAM necessary for almost everything related to business IT

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are designed to enable organizations to deal with these challenges, and with today’s complex operating environments and interconnected machines, and the proliferation of privileged accounts, almost everything related to business IT has some need for PAM. But this is a dynamic and evolving market space driven by changing threats and business IT environments.

As a result of widespread adoption of cloud services, for example, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) platforms are disrupting the traditional PAM market, demand for dynamic cloud access continues to grow, and Just in Time (JiT) and Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) demands are beginning to impact the market.

Customer Identity & Access Management highlights in the EIC agenda 

Whether your organization is considering implementing PAM for the first time or looking to replace or augment existing solutions, it is important to understand exactly why PAM is necessary, what are best practices, how this market is evolving, and the business benefits. A good place to start, is the dedicated PAM track at this year’s European Identity and Cloud  Conference.

In the modern business world, there is an increasing demand for contact-free onboarding experiences, passwordless authentication, decentralized identity, and policy-based access. Get up to speed with these and other trends in access management and learn how to future-proof existing access management investments in a session entitled: Access Management Trends in a Connect Anywhere World.

Drilling down to the specific topic of Privileged Access Management (PAM), it is important to recognize that all organizations are different and so it is important to choose the PAM solution that best fits your organization’s technical, security, and business requirements. Discover what the PAM market has to offer and how to choose the right solution in this market overview for Privileged Access Management Solutions.

As already discussed, privileged accounts are very powerful and are a top target for cybercriminals, but they are often anonymous and shared. Learn how to take control of privileged access in this session entitled: Trust No One, Always Verify.

Learn how to make a business case for PAM, conduct a proof of concept, and achieve a return on investment in this session entitled: Preparations for Smoother PAM Flight, and discover how to handle identities and accounts in the context of a Privileged Access Security Service based on the real world experience of a German bank in this session entitled: Privileged Access Management – Moving from Cost to Service Centre.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to understand the challenges of rotating the credentials of privileged accounts as well as find out what solutions are available in this session entitled: To Rotate or Not to Rotate (Privileged Accounts) - That is the Question.

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