European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018 Key Topics

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

200+ Speakers • 800+ Delegates • 50+ Exhibitors • 160+ Sessions • 25+ Social Events
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  • Cognitive Identity

  • PxM: Privileged Account Management

  • The Future of Authentication and On-Premise IAM

  • IDaaS: From SSO to comprehensive approaches

  • On Premise, in the Cloud & Hybrid

  • IAM Managed Services: Should we get rid now of our On-Premise IAM?

  • Creating an IAM Services Blueprint that Works

  • Identity Standards & Trust Models

  • The role of OpenID Connect & OAuth2 for PSD2 compliant infrastructures

  • Innovating the Journey from unknown visitors to loyal customers

  • Balancing User Experience, Privacy, and Security for the Connected Consumer

  • Managing Consent: Compliance Challenges & Audit Requirements

  • Performance, availability & resilience of CIAM infrastructures

  • PSD2 and how it will influence the way you authenticate your visitors

  • Solving Your GDPR Compliance Challenges

  • Privacy-by-Design & Consumer/Customer Identity: The Foundations for Globally Compliant Marketing Automation

  • Identity Governance in the Light of GDPR

  • How will blockchain change the way we run our business?Self-Sovereign Blockchain Identity (SSI)

  • Blockchain Governance Design: Concepts, Challenges, Solutions

  • Eliminating the Human Factor? - Blockchain in Cybersecurity

  • Everything Safe Now? Blockchain based Authentication Strategies

  • GDPR Compliance: Managing and Auditing Consent on the Chain.

  • Blockchain & Resilience

  • Assessing the Current Threat Landscape

  • Identity and the Cybersecurity Perspective: Why we need a common Understanding

  • Hardening your Identity Strategy Against any Kind of Threat

  • Security & Identity Automation

  • User Behaviour Analytics

  • 24/7 Privileged & Cyber Threat Analytics (Real Time Security Intelligence)

  • Metabots & Personal Assistants: IAM for Natural Language Interfaces

  • Strategies for Authentication & IAM in bot dominated ecosystems

  • Adaptive Authentication – fail-proof and PSD2 compatible authentication strategies

  • IAM for IoT & Robotic Process Automation