Event Recording

Impressions of the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

I think the start was pretty good was very interesting, good opening ceremony.
It was a lot focused on blockchain, which I also think it's a very relevant
Topic and that's very much reflected in the agenda and the topics we're seeing at EIC. Now it
Is a really good experience drinking beer and pitching.
I'm definitely looking forward for the privileged account management sessions, cuz I'm working in that area. I'm
Here on behalf of women in identity. And that was definitely a highlight for me.
Blockchain is one interesting topic.
Seeing that technology mature and kind of become something that's truly deployable, I think has been a real highlight,
Really like the location here,
Opportunity to communicate with people it's very first and important thing.
I think the community element to this is very special as well.
It's very
Innovative, fun,
I guess,
Useful, fantastic, energetic, demanding and relaxing.
It's the home of identity.

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