Jackson Shaw - Fire Safety and Cyber-Security – Smoke Detectors are Not Enough

It takes most businesses over 6 months to detect a breach on their network. And while smoke detectors are proven to halve the death rate by fire, saving thousands of lives each year, detection is sometimes too late to prevent many buildings from burning to the ground.

So imagine if it were possible to reduce the risk of a cyber-security fire starting in the first place. We are all familiar with the elements needed to start a fire: heat, oxygen and fuel. For data breaches, one key element of risk is abnormally high access entitlements. Detecting these abnormalities early, across your enterprise, enables you to remove them entirely from the equation. Couple this insight with sophisticated smoke detection equipment and you have an increased chance of limiting the damage wrought by any fire to your business.

In this keynote, we will talk about the importance of fire prevention in your enterprise and how, through the use of identity analytics and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), you can install the perfect fire prevention and fire detection tools to get fire safety right.

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