Martin Kuppinger - The Future Model of Identity: Blockchain ID and the Digital Transformation

Distributed Ledger Technologies ("Blockchain") are the foundation for the most disruptive changes to business we are either already observing or that are on the road to becoming a reality. Based on these technologies, both new business models and fundamental changes to established models become possible – and what is technically feasible and economical beneficial will happen.

However, there is still one missing element for fully leveraging the Blockchain potential: Identity. Identity in that context is far more than just identification, authentication, or authorization. It is about linking people, transactions, and digital assets. It is about managing properties, rights, agreements, and contracts – linked to persistent, reliable identities. This is where Blockchain ID comes into play, because it is the only way to enable many of the business scenarios of tomorrow. There is still some way to go for Blockchain ID, starting from making it more than an ID for identification, authentication, or authorization.

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