Doc Searls - How Customers Will Lead Companies to GDPR Compliance and Beyond

Nearly all advice on GDPR compliance is about what companies can do for other companies, or companies can do for themselves. There isn't much on what customers can do for companies, which may turn out to be the biggest help of all. That’s because customers are going to get more power all the time, and that’s exactly what the GDPR was made to encourage, whether regulators knew that or not. Doc Searls has been on this case for over a decade, leading ProjectVRM, which encourages development of tools and services that empower customers. (And which won a KuppingerCole award in 2008.) Doc will talk about how the best of those new tools will open easy and low-cost paths to corporate compliance with both the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, while opening new market frontiers as well.

Language: English • Duration: 19:28 • Resolution: 1280x720

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