European Identity & Cloud Awards 2018

At the 12th European Identity and Cloud Conference KuppingerCole presented the European Identity and Cloud Awards. The winners have been chosen by a jury consisting out of KuppingerCole analysts from among the most outstanding projects nominated by end-user companies and vendors during the last year.

Projects, standards or people could be nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Identity and Access Management Project
  • Best Consumer Identity Project
  • Best IoT Security Project
  • Best Risk Management Project
  • Best Innovation

For the first time, KuppingerCole granted an Award to the Best Blockchain Identity Project. The winner of this special award was chosen during the Blockchain Innovation Night on Monday May 14, 2018.

In the category, Best Identity and Access Management Project, the award was granted to Munich Re. The company receives the prize for their mature IAM implementation, including a variety of advanced features such as a highly efficient, well-structured application onboarding approach and advanced support for managing cloud services.

The second award has been given to If P&C Insurance in the category Best Consumer Identity Project. If Mobile is a mobile application to deliver innovative insurance experiences to the smartphone of the customer. Because of identity services built into the app, it goes far beyond traditional mobile insurance functionality usually limited to just providing emergency contacts and static claims notification forms at best. Regarding the jury, the project contains a lot of innovative features for healthcare and is a good example for fostering Digital Transformation. 

The award for the Best IoT Security Project went to Hager Group, who implemented Smarthome Operator Services via website and smartphone application. These Services allow end-users to pilot their smart home for security services (burglar alarm), critical technical alarms (smoke detection & electrical power outage) as well as comfort related functions (air quality measures). For the jury, this project is an interesting approach in the context of Digital Transformation and Identity/CIAM helping succeed.

Deutsche Bank achieved the award for the Best Risk Management Project for their great approach to onboarding application and managing risks by including the organization processes behind. Deutsche Bank excels on the organizational aspects of its IAM program, with a strong organizational setup and rollout, well-documented and published IAM service descriptions and mature policies. Based on that, they have mastered complex challenges in a highly-regulated environment.

The Best Innovation Award went to the OpenID Certification Program for establishing a light-weight and low-cost certification program to help ensure that high-quality, secure, interoperable OpenID Connect implementations became the norm in the marketplace.

The winner of the Blockchain Identity Award was Balazs Nemethi, CEO of Taqanu. His work focused on a horizontally scalable blockchain protocol that is specifically designed with Self-Sovereign Identity at its core. The idea of the winning project was to enable the creation of privacy-conscious solutions or everyone regardless of their economic background.

Munich, Germany


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

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  • May 15 - 18, 2018 Munich, Germany

Key Topics

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) 2020

  • Customer Identity Management (CIAM) as a Business Enabler

  • Privacy & GDPR

  • Blockchain ID, Privacy & Security

  • Cybersecurity: Managing & Mitigating Risk

  • Identity in the Age of AI & Intelligent Assistants

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