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A central area of KuppingerCole Analysts Advisory Services is support in defining corporate strategies. Strategies include the anticipation of future decisions, because a clear and well-thought-out strategy provides answers to future questions and thus helps to significantly shorten decision-making processes. This is particularly evident in the development of strategies that define business processes and their representation in systems and architectures.

Strategies define the use of resources, i.e. to achieve the best result with limited resources with a view to defined goals and recognized constraints.

Depending on requirements, scope and focus, the form and extent of the results to be achieved by KuppingerCole Analysts „Strategy Support“ Advisory Services can vary. Typical results are a (partial) IT strategy, including the draft definition of an implementation program and model projects. In other cases, such results represent the decision template or the management level communication for a company‘s personnel, budget and investment planning.

KuppingerCole Analysts has successfully supported many companies (including several DAX 50 companies) in the development of strategies and their program implementation.


Achieving the enterprise objectives relies on a thorough understanding of the business requirements. Delivering business value requires the definition of products and services hand-tailored to the market needs and the individual strengths and opportunities of an organization.

KuppingerCole Analysts assists in defining scope and requirements, understanding an organization’s challenges, its assets and its unique market position.


Based on sector-specific know-how, well-defined requirements specifications and value propositions together with deep insights into adequate enterprise IT strategies, KuppingerCole Analysts assist in identifying individual strategies for building up processes, systems and infrastructures. By combining the aspects of risk-awareness, cost-effectiveness and business efficiency, organizations are supported in defining investment roadmaps.

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KuppingerCole’s values are expertise, thought leadership, neutrality and outstanding practical relevance.

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KuppingerCole’s highly qualified and globally recognized analysts continuously research and update KuppingerCole online research library, and perform manufacturer-independent advisory services.

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Proven approach of KuppingerCole focuses on lean, efficient projects, with a structured methodology based on ongoing research, publications, and thought-leading deep knowledge of our analysts.

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A large number of KuppingerCole’s existing reports and a significant number of new reports published every year ensures that you can always access up-to-date information you need for your decisions.

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