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CIAM & GDPR Practice Day

IAM is a cornerstone in GDPR implementations, but both GDPR and IAM implementations are far from easy. Together, they are even more complex. In order to reap the benefits, you need to overlay two projects: building your IAM and creating your compliance program. These projects are very different in nature and... More

Transforming your Infrastructure

In this workshop, we will discuss the intersections of CIAM, EIAM, Marketing Automation, the impact of GDPR and how to do all this right, with being strong in every part while having the right integrations and... More

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud – that is, a computing infrastructure that combines public cloud services with private cloud or legacy on-premises resources – is being strongly promoted by cloud service providers as the answer to the needs of enterprises. Usually, hybrid cloud solutions are hailed for their... More

GDPR Insights

Is there something like a „group privilege“ regarding data processing in between the legal entities of a corporation, which of course would be very helpful? National laws in effect to date in Member States do generally not provide for a „group privilege“ for corporate groups. Neither does... More

IAM Blueprint

In this workshop, Martin Kuppinger will provide an overview about the KuppingerCole IAM blueprint. He will discuss why and how to create your own blueprint and how TOGAF as a methodology can help. He will talk about measuring your current maturity based on such blueprint, as well as how the IAM blueprint relates... More

Identity Futures - The Workshop

Are we on the brink of a revolution that will fundamentally change society and the way we live and work?

The Identiverse is a big and scary place, and according to Professor Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum it will get bigger and scarier. He calls this brave new world The Fourth Industrial... More

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