Consumer Identity World USA 2017 Key Topics

Consumer Identity World USA 2017

Balancing User Experience, Privacy, and Security for the Connected Consumer 

Dive Deeper into the World of CIAM

  • Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) -  The need to combine Identity & Access Management and Customer Relationship Management

  • Consumer First - User-friendly login procedures while preventing your customers from fraud and cyber risks

  • The GDPR clock is ticking:  Be prepared for May 25, 2018

  • Consent Life Cycle Management - every consumer must be able to control the access of his personal information

  • Privacy by Design - secure personal information in a strategic and user-friendly way

  • Customer Experience (CX) - how to provide a remarkable user journey

  • PSD2 - the Payment Service Directive version 2 will be in force January 2018

  • Get the latest Market Overview: Available CIAM Solutions and their Maturity Level