Steve Tout - Risk Aware IAM for an Insecure World

In a world full of uncertainties and data breaches, Identity and Access Management (IAM) must deliver more than ever, faster than ever, for businesses to succeed at building trusted relationships and delighting customers at every interaction. With such large-scale breaches becoming commonplace, it is more important than ever to integrate threat intelligence insights proactively into authentication workflows. Risk aware IAM requires business processes to be enhanced by deeper integration with modern security solutions and automated within an organization’s security operations center for rapid visibility, to continuously assess what is going on, and increase speed to resolution. Risk comes from many different angles; to be effective, risk insight must be more than an entry on an Excel spreadsheet. The transformation of risk insight into policy enforcement in real-time is an evolution for most companies, and it is one that must be realized for IAM programs to deliver more value to the business.

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