Securing data and complying with the growing number of associated local, regional, and international regulations are two of the biggest challenges facing most modern organizations as they become increasingly reliant on complex IT environments.

Key to achieving both data security and regulatory compliance is the ability to manage identities effectively and enforce policy-based access controls to ensure only authorized people and things have access to IT systems and data under the correct circumstances.

This has become increasingly challenging with the proliferation of digital identities, applications, security threats, and data security compliance requirements.  

The ability for organizations to ensure that only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time, and to be able to prove it – is essential. This not only provides the foundation for good cybersecurity, but also for effective regulatory compliance.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)is a core component of Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure and refers to integrated solutions that combine Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Access Governance. IGA helps to cut costs, increase security, improve compliance, and give users access to the IT resources they need.

Depending on maturity in terms of IAM, some organizations may need to bolster their capabilities in ILM while others need to focus on Access Governance. But most organizations are looking for a comprehensive IGA solution, that combines traditional User Access Provisioning (UAP) and Identity and Access Governance (IAG).

In general, IGA solutions support the consolidation of identity information across multiple repositories and systems of record in an organization's IT environment. The identity information including user accounts, associated access entitlements and other identity attributes are collected from across the connected target systems for correlation and management of individual identities, user groups as well as roles through a centralized administration console.

Comprehensive solutions typically include end-to-end identity life-cycle management, access entitlement management, workflow and policy management, role management, access certification, SoD risk analysis, reporting and access intelligence, and Access Intelligence for business-related insights to support effective decision making and potentially enhance governance.

In response to the demand for comprehensive solutions, the IGA market is growing and maturing, although it continues to evolve. Organizations should therefore ensure that they thoroughly understand their needs and how the market can best support those needs with innovative technologies and approaches.

As part of the evolution of IGA products, identity and access intelligence has become a key capability, as has automation aimed at reducing management workload. There is also an increasing focus on interoperability with other related products and services.

“IGA is essential to business as a strategic approach to ensure overall IT security and regulatory compliance.”

— Nitish Deshpande, Research Analyst, KuppingerCole

Because we understand the importance of ­­­­­­­­Identity Governance and Administration, and because we are committed to helping your business succeed, KuppingerCole has a great deal of content available in a variety of formats.


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Tech Investment

Organizations investing in technologies to support effective IGA strategies, can have a look at some of the related technology solutions that we have evaluated: