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This KuppingerCole Buyer's Compass covers the market segment of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with a focus on IGA (Identity Governance and Administration, i.e., Identity Provisioning, User Lifecycle Management, and Access Governance) technologies. As a growing and evolving market, IDaaS IGA is largely driven by a cloud-based delivery of traditional IAM services in an as-a-service model. This document will provide you with questions to ask vendors, criteria to select your vendor, and the necessary conditions to meet the security requirements of growing SaaS portfolio.

1 How to use the Buyer's Compass

This Buyer's Compass on IDaaS IGA aims to provide information on the following aspects

  • Use Cases
  • Functional Selection Criteria
  • Non-functional Selection Criteria
  • Technical Prerequisites
  • Organizational Prerequisites
  • Questions to ask the vendors

This document helps organizations assess and select an IDaaS IGA provider and service by focusing on the most important features of vendor selection, based on the experience of KuppingerCole from its research and advisory services.

A Buyer's Compass is not a complete guideline for selecting vendors but should provide an excellent starting point to streamline the decision-making process.

How to use it:

  • Identify your primary use cases
  • Review the functional selection criteria – their weight might be based on the matrix of these use cases and the functional selection criteria
  • Review the non-functional selection criteria
  • Request information and rate the vendors on these criteria
  • Ask additional questions of the vendors
  • Define a shortlist of vendors based on the results and continue with the vendor selection process, with more detailed RFIs and PoCs
  • Ensure that the technical and organizational prerequisites are in place

There are related documents available from KuppingerCole. Furthermore, KuppingerCole Advisory Services can also provide additional support in the vendor selection processes.

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