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Panel | IGA for Successfully Managed Identities

Warwick Ashford
Senior Analyst
Warwick Ashford
Warwick Ashford is a Senior Analyst who researches cybersecurity and identity-related topics, including emerging technologies and trends. He has been writing IT news and analysis as a journalist and editor since 2003, specialising in cybersecurity and privacy since 2012. Warwick has also...
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Paul Fisher
Lead Analyst
Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher is a Lead Analyst who researches primarily on cybersecurity and identity and access management (IAM). He also studies trends in AI, IoT and data governance for different industry sectors including automotive. Paul is responsible for managing relevant quantitative research at...
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Rod Simmons
VP of Product Strategy
Omada Identity
Rod Simmons
Rod Simmons is VP of Product Strategy at Omada, responsible for defining Omada’s vision and strategy. He has an impressive track record of more than 20 years in the industry from STEALTHbits Technologies, BeyondTrust and Quest Software. Rod has a passion for innovation and software design,...
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Jan-Patrick Vöhrs
Senior Solutions Engineer
Jan-Patrick Vöhrs
Jan-Patrick Vöhrs worked for several years as a consultant and implemented various technologies within Europe, he focused on IT-Security like IGA and PAM tools. With his wide background about technology but also project management, he is always interested in an open discussion about current...
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Panel | Multi-Cloud Agility Must-Haves
May 11, 2022

With a highly prioritized digital tranfsformation towards a composable enterprise, it will be inevitable to work with multi-cloud solutions to achieve the level of agility and flexibility required. If it was to avoid vendor lock-in or to consequently go for best-of-breed solutions - in this cloud expert panel we will discuss approaches to manage multi-clouds efficently and to avaid increased complexity.

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Trust No One, Always Verify
May 11, 2023

Cybercriminals no longer “hack” in – they simply log in. Once inside, they hunt for privileged accounts. A vast majority of breaches today are due to the abuse of stolen privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are very powerful but at times, anonymous and shared. Learn how to take control of Privileged Access to ensure that your most valuable asset - your data - is protected.

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Todd Peterson - Rightsizing IGA – One Size Does Not Fit All
May 16, 2019

The Holy Grail of identity and access management is identity governance and administration (IGA). Unfortunately, getting IGA right is much easier said than done. From access request through provisioning and into identity lifecycle management; and from user access governance, through data governance, and into privileged access governance, the sheer volume of users, systems, and scenarios that must be addressed can be overwhelming.

In this session, One Identity will discuss what IGA truly means, how to determine where to start, and where to go next once you are on the path. Don’t be fooled by vendors pitching a myopic or siloed approach to IGA, or a heavy-handed solution that may be more complex and expensive than you can handle. To get IGA right takes designing a program that satisfies YOUR objective and fits within YOUR budget and skillset. It can be done, but it takes a fresh look at the age-old challenge.

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Robert Byrne: IGA in the Cloud without Compromise
May 12, 2021

Attend this session to learn how One Identity’s cloud-first solutions portfolio enables organizations to let business needs, not IT capabilities; drive how they implement their Identity Governance and Administration strategy. There is no single right way to do cloud-based Identity and Access Management services. Not only is every organization at a different place in their journey, and each will prioritize cloud benefits differently. So, no matter where you are on your cloud journey, modular and integrated solutions can strengthen your identity security, help you achieve governance and a Zero Trust model, and get compliant. Join this session, led by One Identity Field Strategist Rob Byrne. He’s worked with clients from many different industries with a wide array of Identity Security challenges and helped them successfully implement a secure and efficient IGA program.

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Darran Rolls: Standing on the Beach, Looking at the Sea: Identity Governance & Administration, Today, Tomorrow and Sometime Later
Sep 18, 2020

In this session Mr. Darran Rolls with provide a unique perspective on the emergence, growth and future advancement of IGA technology.  In it, he provides an assessment of where we stand today with existing solutions and deployment approaches, and highlights where the industry needs to focus regarding program oversight, cross-system orchestration and integration with cloud and DevOps processes.

I’ll start working on the content this week and have some questions on format and delivery:

  • Is there a preferred slide template or format?
  • What is the optimum approach record heads-up and rotate slides in a split-screen
  • Will each presenter go over their slides live or are things pre-recorded?
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Entitlement Management across Hybrid Cloud for Security & Compliance
Sep 14, 2021

Companies across the globe are undergoing digital transformation. The main challenge with this approach is the ability to securely manage access for on-premise, cloud and SaaS applications. Entitlement Management across this hybrid landscape requires management of cloud assets, IAM profiles, groups, roles and entitlements in support of Identity Lifecycle Management, Access Management, and Access Governance.

Workloads have been running in the cloud since the last decade or so. AWS, GCP and Azure have replaced traditional data centers and companies continue to migrate their production workloads to cloud at blistering pace. So, what changed? Firstly, we are starting to realize that this cloud infrastructure model necessitates a different type of identity and access management solutions as native solutions don’t cover multi-cloud IaaS model and traditional IGA solutions fall short in their scope. Secondly, business goals and priorities are driving engineering teams to work on initiatives without formal approval and oversight. With IaaS it is easy to spin up an instance, assign various resources. As organizations aren’t centrally controlling these spin offs, any vulnerabilities in this growing shadow IT is a target for hackers.

SecurEnds enables entitlement management across hybrid cloud assets for security and compliance.

1. Provide visibility over hybrid-cloud assets
Discover all identities, service accounts, IAM users, roles and policies within single or hybrid cloud the IaaS infrastructure.
See the granular permissions held by IAM Users, Roles and Service Accounts. This is important to define least privilege policies.
2. Provide governance over hybrid-cloud assets
Enforce least privilege policies across all cloud identities to avoid privilege creep.
Routine audits of configurations across cloud environments helps with policy enforcement and compliance.
3: Provide remediation over hybrid-cloud assets
Post identity review kick off automation to rectify privileges

Austin Baker, Director of Sales, SecurEnds
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Panel | Turning (Distributed) Workforce Challenges into Productivity Gains
May 12, 2022

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) has made us learn about reducing friction in the way customers access and consume our services, and to add value to the relationship. It is time now to apply CIAM learnings to workforce identity. 

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Darran Rolls: IGA Under Fire? Requirements and Essential Best Practices for Protecting the Keys to your Kingdom
Mar 16, 2021

Recent forensic evidence shows that IAM solutions and infrastructure are a strategic attack vector.  In today’s complex and highly distributed enterprise security supply chain, are you adequately protecting the identity and access administration capabilities at the center of your security architecture?  

In this session, former CTO and CISO Darran Rolls will provide a unique perspective on the critical steps required to secure your Identity Governance and Administration infrastructure.  Whether you employ on-prem or SaaS technology to meet your provisioning and governance needs, this session will highlight the obligations and best practices for securing your processes and your infrastructure.  IGA holds the keys to your kingdom – do you know who has access to it?

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Panel | The Modern Approach to Identity Governance
Sep 15, 2021

What if we took the traditional way of thinking of Identity Governance and reversed it completely? Putting together a successful IGA program has commonly been a long haul,

A headache,

A mess,

A budget destroyer,

And an expectation disappointer.

There is a new way. Some call us crazy and some say its impossible. However, those who have experienced the new way call us visionaries. We have been presenting a modern ideology and process for IGA that drastically reduces the time to value, the total cost of ownership, and the economic impact of an Identity Governance Solution.

This panel will focus on strategic order of operations, calculating the economic return of the modern approach, how to optimize AI/ML in Identity Governance, and the ways simplicity expediates the path to stronger compliance and security postures.

Austin Baker, Director of Sales, SecurEnds
Gal Helemski, Co-Founder & CIPO, PlainID
Fabian Süß, Project Manager, KuppingerCole