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An emerging market, IDaaS IGA, is characterized mainly by cloud-based delivery of Identity Provisioning and Access Governance capabilities for business irrespective of the application and service delivery models. Improved time-to-value proposition prioritizes adoption of IDaaS for traditional IGA use cases, helping IDaaS IGA to increasingly become the preferred choice of customers for IAM purchases globally. This Leadership Compass discusses the market direction and provides a detailed evaluation of market players to offer necessary guidance for IAM and security leaders to make informed decisions.

1 Introduction / Executive Summary

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of vendors and their product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Leadership compass focuses on the market segment of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with a focus on IGA (Identity Governance and Administration, i.e., Identity Provisioning and Access Governance) technologies. IDaaS IGA, as the market is termed, has observed a significant growth in terms of new IAM (Identity and Access Management) purchases and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing markets of IAM characterized by cloud-based delivery of traditional IAM services.

The overall IDaaS market, driven largely by web-centric use-cases in its early days, now offers full-fledged delivery of IAM capabilities irrespective of application delivery models. The significant growth of the IDaaS market can be attributed to the ever-increasing demand of organizations to achieve better time-to-value proposition over on-premises IAM deployments and to extend IAM capabilities to meet the security requirements of growing SaaS portfolio.

1.1 Highlights

  • This Leadership Compass evaluates over 40% more IDaaS IGA product vendors over the previous years.
  • The IDaaS IGA market is growing, and although maturing it continues to evolve.
  • IGA is essential to business as a strategic approach to ensure overall IT security and regulatory compliance.
  • The level of identity and access intelligence has become a key differentiator between IGA product solutions.
  • Automation is a key trend in IGA to reduce management workload by automating tasks and providing process workflows.
  • Leading IGA vendors are increasingly focusing on supporting interoperability with other products and services through the provision of secure APIs.
  • The Overall Leaders are (in alphabetical order) EmpowerID, IBM, Microsoft, One Identity, SailPoint, Saviynt, Simeio.
  • The Product Leaders (in alphabetical order) are EmpowerID, IBM, Ilantus, Microsoft, One Identity, SailPoint, Saviynt, Simeio.
  • The Innovation Leaders (in alphabetical order) are Accenture, Avatier, EmpowerID, IBM, Microsoft, SailPoint, Saviynt, Simeio.
  • Leading vendors in innovation and market (a.k.a. the "Big Ones") in the IGA market are (in alphabetical order) IBM, Microsoft, SailPoint, Saviynt, Simeio.
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