Leadership Brief

Typical Risks and Pitfalls for IGA Projects

As the number and types of digital identities proliferate in the digital era and the number of data protection regulations around the world continues to grow, the need for an effective Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) capability has never been greater. This leadership brief outlines common risks and pitfalls of enterprise IGA projects and how they can be avoided.

Warwick Ashford


1 Executive Summary

Digital identities are at the heart of Digital Transformation, Information Security and Privacy Therefore it has never been more important for enterprises to have the capability to manage identities effectively in a rapidly changing business, regulatory and IT environment to ensure they remain competitive, compliant and secure. As a result, many organizations are reviewing their Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) capability that covers these core areas within the wider Identity & Access Management (IAM) architecture. However, business cases for new IGA projects may be difficult to make because of past project failures and the resultant reticence of the business to invest further. This Leadership Brief outlines the biggest risks and pitfalls, such as poor business alignment, lack of necessary skills, poor product and deployment choices, and inadequate architectures. The recommendations section provides suggestions for avoiding or mitigating these risks with tactical, strategic, technical, organizational, and project-focused measures.

The KuppingerCole IAM/IGA Reference Architecture
Figure 2: The KuppingerCole IAM/IGA Reference Architecture

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