Martin Kuppinger: Rethinking IGA: Deployment Models. Role Models. Recertification. Customization

IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) is an established area within IAM. Since the early days of Identity Provisioning some 20 years ago, more and more vendors have entered that market, and technologies have matured. However, 20 years of maturity are a lot for IT, also indicating that some concepts may benefit from modernization.

In his talk, Martin Kuppinger will look at four areas:

  1. What is the right approach for future IGA deployment models?
  2. What must change in role and entitlement management, to remain complaint but reduce complexity and workload?
  3. How to reduce the workload in access reviews/recertification while getting better in compliance and concrete risk mitigation?
  4. How to move to the next level in customization, orchestration, and integration, without staying in fear of the next major update?

Language: English • Duration: 17:51 • Resolution: 1280x720

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