Securing Hybrid IT and Multi Cloud Environments

A growing number of organizations are adopting cloud-based services driven by digital transformation, the desire to cut costs, and the need to support remote working. As a result, most organizations have ended up with a mixture of on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure because of the challenges in shifting all existing services to the cloud, with many adopting a phased approach.

The majority of IT environments, therefore, are now hybrid with legacy applications and some business-critical data remaining on-prem or in managed hosting solutions.

At the same time, organizations are typically using multiple cloud services with office productivity tools from one CSP (Cloud Service Provider), a CRM system from another CSP, and a test and development service from yet another one. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that most organizations are also using multiple CSPs for infrastructure services (IaaS).

The result is that many organizations are currently running hybrid IT and...

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