Prediction #2 - The Convergence of IAM and how to Manage Complexity in a Multi Cloud, Multi Hybrid, Multi Identity World

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It is the same set of drivers – first and foremost remote workforce requirements and seamless customer interaction, that make our infrastructure and service even more complex as they used to be, with multiple public and private clouds, on-site IT, all of them with identity silos. In this session, KuppingeCole´s Analyst Martin Kuppinger and Paul Fisher, will talk with André Priebe from iC Consult on how to leave silos behind and take advantage of global identity proofing networks, Decentralized (DID/SSI) or chain-agnostic (GAIN etc.) and how CIEM/DREAM can help reducing complexity.

Language: English • Duration: 11:37 • Resolution: 1920x1080

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