Meeting the Identity and Access Challenges in a Multi-Cloud World

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Multi-cloud deployments are becoming increasingly common as organizations seek to remain competitive in the digital economy and address demands for increased remote working. But while cloud migration is enabling business success, it is not without its identity and access challenges.

Join experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and Beyond Trust for a discussion about the risks associated with cloud environments and how to use IAM and PAM to protect this expanded attack surface against threat actors.  

Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole outlines the identity and access challenges associated with multi-cloud deployments. He explains why IAM is essential, and why PAM is also important in terms of traditional privileged access management and secrets management.  

Brian Chappell, Deputy CTO at Beyond Trust highlights the need to address the complexity and interoperability issues arising from siloed identity stores, native toolsets, and conflicting shared responsibility models. He also outlines the benefits of standardizing management and security controls across the IT ecosystem, and other cloud security best practices.  

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