Identity and information security are inextricably linked because is impossible to secure information without knowing who or what is allowed to access it, or without knowing who or what is attempting to access it. Simply put, there is no information security without identity.

More accurately, there is no information security without management of identity and management of access: a means of knowing who or what is attempting to access systems or data, a means of knowing who or what is allowed access, and a means of allowing or blocking access based on those predefined access rights.

Identity and Access Management (IAM), therefore, is one the core disciplines of IT (Information Technology), and an essential element within every cybersecurity strategy, because cybersecurity is fundamentally about ensuring that access to IT resources is strictly limited to authorised entities, both human and non-human.

This is especially true in the digital era because business success depends on using the digital identities of consumers, customers, business partners, and employees, as well as of devices, things, or services, which are at the core of the digital business.

Effective cybersecurity cannot be achieved without effective management of identity and access, it is therefore essential for modern organizations to ensure that they have the necessary policies, controls, systems, and architectures in place.

Without these things, there is no way of no effective way of preventing unauthorized access to systems and data, no way of protecting sensitive data, no way of preventing the loss of intellectual property, and no way of ensuring compliance with the growing number of security regulations.

Achieving a successful Identity and Access Management capability, which is essential to effective cyber security, depends on ensuring all the stakeholders are on board, understanding the requirements of business and IT, and on defining a strategy.

This, in turn, requires defining a modern and flexible architecture to support the requirements, selecting the necessary technology and tools, and then executing each step in realizing the predefined strategy.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is at the core of the digital transformation, at the core of cybersecurity, and at the core of regulatory compliance

— Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole.

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