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Identity Verification is the first step in the journey of the digital customer. From there, Authentication is the first thing to do when returning. Balancing security & convenience and creating a seamless experience for customers is essential to keeping customers happy and minimizing churn rates: Identity Assurance done correctly is an essential step towards success in digital business.

Commissioned by Signicat

1 Introduction

Business is undergoing change. The Digital Transformation affects business models and changes the way businesses interact with their customers. A seamless customer journey is a key success factor for the digital business. This journey starts with attracting the customer and includes steps such as registration, Identity Verification and the authentication of customers when they return.

Astonishingly, a vast number of businesses still follow an “inside-out” approach when it comes to shaping the customer journey. They look at this from their internal perspective, “inside-out”, focusing on an approach that works well for them. However, to serve a customer perfectly, it is essential to change the focus and take the customer’s perspective. It is about thinking “outside-in”.

Moving to an approach that adapts to the customer’s (ever-changing) preferences is not a simple task today. The devices in use, the accepted and favorized ways of authentication, the regulatory requirements and other factors are under constant change. Thus, Identity Assurance must move to the center of attention: How is this best achieved?

Identity Assurance done correctly starts with looking at the full customer journey, with respect to both the initial onboarding and the frictionless authentication in the everyday use of a service. Identity Verification and the authentication experience are tightly related, and both must be seamlessly integrated into the overall customer journey. Looking at it from the customer perspective, “outside-in”: How does someone become a digital customer (onboarding) and how do they continue to access the services?

The Norwegian company, Signicat, offers a comprehensive set of solutions that support customers in creating seamless processes for Digital Identity Assurance and Authentication, in tight integration with their existing IT infrastructure. The solutions have proven their capabilities in a variety of customer use cases, including building the foundation for the Nordic BankID approach, where multiple banks share one customer ID that can be used well beyond the banks today.

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