Tobias Urban: The Balance Between User Experience and Security

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Logging in is such a common process, it’s easy to take for granted. However, that entry point to your application or service is also when organizations become responsible for the user’s digital identity. And with the increase in innovation, and use of technology to deliver products and services, there is an explosion in the number of sources from which users can gain access. Overlaying all of that is the constant evolution of the threat landscape and regulations that inevitably follow.

Tech leaders who want to grow their position in the market must balance two goals: delivering security and customer experience.

Join Auth0 as we discuss, and provide some insights on how to utilize a strategic approach to digital identities, that has helped customers such as Siemens, HolidayCheck, and EnBW to:

  • Maintain and improve the user experience
  • Provide an innovative - and differentiated - product or service, that can scale as the business grows
  • Achieve the above two points, while still ensuring security and trust for their customers’ digital identities

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