The digital era has ushered in an exciting new chapter in consumer experiences, but it can be challenging for organizations to deliver the seamless customer journey across various analog and digital touchpoint that consumers now expect.

To remain competitive, organizations are seeking to engage customers with highly personalized marketing messages and recommendations, and to provide the right information at the right time.

However, many organizations struggle to do this because customer information is often distributed across several different departments in databases that are often on-prem and in the cloud. This makes it difficult to create fully rounded customer profiles and manage customer journeys.

Any organization struggling these challenges should familiarize themselves with fast-growing and quickly-evolving market for Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to understand what products and services are available in the market, what these can deliver, and which are best suited to their organizations

CDPs can help organizations deal with the common challenges of creating a 360-degree view of customers because these products and services are specifically designed to aggregate and analyze various sources of customer information for the purpose of enhancing marketing strategies and efficiency.

In other words, CDPs can consolidate customer and/or consumer identity data, purchase history, product searches and reviews, social media activities, and other related information from all the different sources of information. Many CDPs include market analytics, reporting, and integrations with marketing automation solutions. Typically, the most successful deployments are based on CDPs that are as flexible and adaptable as possible.

Organizations engaging with customers should seek to find the most effective and efficient ways to build customer profiles in compliance with privacy and data protection regulation, link customer data to the correct profiles, assign customers to market segments, support predictions and decisions, and continually refine profiles to keep them as up to date and as accurate as possible.

There is a clear trend and necessity for many organizations to move from third-party data to first-party customer data. This is one of the key drivers when it comes to customer data management.

— Roland Bühler, Fellow Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts.

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Tech Investment

Organizations investing in technologies to support customer data management, can have a look at some of the related technology solutions that we have evaluated: