Pre-Conference Events

Moving Beyond the Hype: EIC 2016 Blockchain Seminar

What is it that creates such a fast and strong hype around the blockchain topic? The fear of missing out the biggest innovation since the internet? The notion that this time it could really be that one big thing turning everything upside down? Anyway, the industry is on the move, following the connected customer into the transformed world of decentralised digital business, where nothing will be as it has been and much of it will be based on blockchains. More

Kantara Initiative Workshop

Identity is a critical component of the Industry 4.0 and Connected Life digital transformation. This workshop comprises interesting sessions that explore the evolution of how our interpersonal lives weave through industry. More

OpenID Foundation Workshop

The EIC2016 OpenID Foundation Workshop provides early insight and influence on important internet identity standards like OpenID Connect. Registration for this workshop is free. The seating capacities are limited. More

Facing the mountain: Digital Transformation, IoT and Security

More and more businesses have digital transformation high on their agenda and it’s easy to see why; it offers the promise of shorter time to market, greater scale and reduced costs. More

Achieving Secure Enterprise Identity Federation

Identity Federation has become an essential business need to modernize capability and adapt to the evolving landscape of computing. The focus to achieving Identity Federation often revolves around product solutions that attempt to solve identity federation with agents, adapters, and rip-and-replace environment disruption. Forum Systems provides a different vision and proven capability to achieve secure identity federation. More

IT Security Needs Less Wall and More Monitoring and Detection

Traditional approaches to IT security are in crisis. At one end of the spectrum they over-control users and constrain business agility. At the other end of the spectrum they fail to prevent data breaches despite ever increasing investments in people and technology. Something is wrong with traditional approaches. The defensive “default-deny” cycle of security where the goal is to prevent access and defend assets can no longer deal with the requirements of megatrends in technology and business. More

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

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