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Impressions of the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

Thank you for attending the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016. See you next year!

One word
Exciting, awesome,
The place
Like an annual family reunion over the identity communities.
To me, this is the one conference I can go to every year where I see the most important people in identity and access management,
Very high quality people in there. So I really like that.
It's where America meets Europe. And that is fantastic to see
What I like best about the presentations here is they're given by people who are the senior leaders at their company, and also the presentations that are given by customers. So it's very real world. To me,
Talking to the participants gives you the real life feedback. That's really important.
It's about a broad range of topics, privacy, as well as, as security. It's the fact that it covers a broad church of things,
Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain, everyone is talking about blockchain.
Obviously blockchain's a hot topic and there have been some really great speakers on, on blockchain.
I think my key takeaway from this conference is that, you know, identity and privilege management is just an ever increasing topic for our industry today.
That was it.

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