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European Identity & Cloud Awards 2016

The European Identity & Cloud Awards honor outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), as well as Cloud Security. Numerous projects have been nominated by vendors and end-user companies during the last 12 months. Winners have been chosen by KuppingerCole Analysts among the most outstanding examples of applications and ideas in the areas of IAM, GRC, and Cloud security. Do not miss this glamorous ceremony where KuppingerCole honors the winners of seven categories and one Special Award.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2016 European identity and cloud award ceremony. We will have eight categories, eight LA and corresponding the ELD winners as well. But first let me shortly speak a few words with the head of the jury Martin Ingham.
Hello, Sasha.
Okay. So can you give us a short glimpse on the criteria that you selected for actually judging the different proposals?
So I think the criteria are not that different compared to the past years it's innovativeness, which is the main thing. So I'm looking at, and we looking at projects, we have not seen in that way, particular to problems we have not, or seen the use used in projects, but also sometimes when it's about compelling speed or transferring problem solution, which is coming in one area to another area. So it's really about that sort of innovativeness, which is, which makes the award
And regarding the proposals, have you seen some changes in, in, in topic viewpoints or, or proposal aspects?
Yeah, I think I can answer that was more or less one word or one, two words was a dash large scale.
Ah, okay. That's interesting. So impact.
Yeah, I think we see more moving towards larger amounts of whatever and that's, I don't want to talk too much about it because I might them
Okay. Yeah. Take things from the yes,
Okay. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you. The next person I'd like to introduce is the responsible person for the award ceremony. Jennifer has welcome. Jennifer, could you say a few words on your role at co a call? Yes,
Of course. I'm the responsible person for communications. I'm the communications manager at copy and cool. And I'm responsible for PR and social media and for the award ceremony. And today I have the honor to yeah. To give the prize over to the winner and yes.
Excellent. Thank you so much. You're
And we switched directly to the different categories. The first category is named best innovation, new standard and is presented by Graham Williamson. Graham, can you say a few words on your role at cooking as well?
Absolutely. I actually have two hats. One is as a global Analyst specializing in the authentication authorization space as well as the data security space. And I'm also director of KC APAC Asia Pacific.
Great, thank you. Thank
In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld was the secretary of defense in the United States and he made a very famous speech. Do you remember back in 2002, when us politics made sense? The, the me, the message that Donald gave this is Donald Rumsfeld gave was that there are known knowns, there are known unknowns, and then there are the insidious unknown unknowns. And it, it strikes me that that's what a sort of describes a CISO's issues. The issues that a chief information security officer has to deal with. There are the known knowns. We have various attacks that we have to deal with. We have men in the middle attacks. We have the cross site scripting. We know these things, they're known knowns, and we can do something about them. Then there's the known unknowns, the things that we know happen, but there's things we don't know about them. DDoS attacks. We know they happen. We don't know where they come from. We can't, we cannot block IP addresses. We have to have some tool that detects that and then drops the drops, the packets. So they're, they're the sort of known unknowns, but then we get to the unknown unknowns and seems to me that today fishing is getting to new Heights.
What if we had a way to be able to identify those? I mean, they're unknowns because we don't know whether someone in our organization are gonna click them. If we click, if they click them, we don't know what's gonna happen. But what if we had some way of saying these sorts of things are happening? Why don't we collaborate? If we had some way of coming up with how we define a signature for a fishing attack, we could then start to share that information and reduce some of the pain that we go through. Well, the CSOs go through in Def defending their corporations. We could start to fight back against these criminals and that's what they are doing. These sort of insidious attacks. So with that intro, I would like to announce the winner of this innovation new standard award. The winner is sticks, taxi and Cy. And if we could have a representative from the design group to come up and accept this award, please sticks stands for structured threat information. Expression. Taxi is trusted, automated exchange of, of indicator information. And then of course, as the cyborg observable express Raymond. Yes. Congratulations. Thank you
Very much.
Come get the award, give Witz.
Thank you. Thank you very much. I stand here on behalf of Oasis, the standards body just wanted to say thank you. Name on behalf of Jane Carol and Lauren, the CEO of our Oasis standards body. And I would like to mention one other person within stick taxi and sidewalk. That's Richard STRs. He's from DHS and he's the grandfather. I don't think he would like me to say grandfather, but we all perceive him as that, of the, the standard. So thank you very much for the award. Super
The next category. Best innovation in e-government slash ECET is presented by Mike Small.
Mike, can you say a few words on your role? Yes. My main responsibility in KuppingerCole is to do with cloud and security compliance and everything around the cloud. Thank you. So people are using the cloud for all kinds of different purposes to save money, to become more flexible and to, to, to, to they're using the cloud to become more flexible. So it's a real challenge to do this as well as being secure and compliant. And the, the challenge that people have to face is to obtain these benefits whilst at the same time being secure. And one of the, the major users of cloud services is in fact, increasingly governments, those governments have realized that they can connect with their customers. They can connect with their citizens, they can provide better services and they can do this at a lower cost if they use the cloud as the means in order to provide that service.
But it also provides a, a set of additional challenges to governments because governments have to do this within strict legal constraints and to avoid issues like terrorism, whilst at the same time, having openness and inclusivity to not only the well educated and the rich, but also to the poor, to the disabled and to the underprivileged. And it was interesting to hear earlier this week, the, the presentation by the lady from the world banking group about the importance of identity in, in providing inclusivity and so forth to poor people. So the, the, the challenge tonight is for us to and lost, lost the envelope is for us to give, find a presentation, find an award for a government that's been able to achieve those benefits. Now I'm glad to say that tonight, the best innovation in e-government EITT award has gone to the projects for UK government government digital services, the go.uk, which went live in April this year, and is now able to identify to verify the identity of citizens from virtually anywhere within something like 15 minutes. So please will you give a round of applause to the UK government digital services for their work? Thank you.
Thank you very much. Yeah. Good.
Speaker 10 00:13:21 Thank you very much, slightly unexpected, but of indication, hopefully of all the hard work the team has done. I mean, I, I can only claim a very small amount of that having been involved in some of the technical work, but well done to everybody at GDS and just one or two of my colleagues here this week. And I'm sure the team will be extremely pleased to receive this. Thank you.
Okay, cool.
The next category best consumer identity project is presented by Martin co up. Yep. I think Martin Martin, you can go directly to
The, yeah. Okay. Thank you. So consumer identity, there was a lot, lot of talk about consumer identity at this conference. I think for a good reason. And em talked about two things we have to solve, which are mitigating risk and serving the customers or consumers. And I think this is really one of the fundamental challenges because serving the customers and consumers is very much about identity as well. We need to understand who are the customers and consumers. We need to understand what they want. We need to understand the data we need to also have all the devices connected, all that stuff. And over the past years, I think even I've talked a lot about, we need to move towards, I would say, a more consistent management of identities, so, or broader management of identities. So not only the humans, but the identities of devices, of things and of the relationships.
So it's not anymore only employee identity management. It's the management of all identities, not only of humans, but also of things. And so from that perspective, I was very, very pleased to see a project which brings together the management of identities and devices, or might some of these devices even call connected things. And which does it at large scale. So where we are talking about tens of millions of identities that are managed and that are managed in a very efficient way, which helps improving the customer relationship of the company that did this project. And so I really like love to see finally, a project which fulfills these things I've been talking about for a while. So modern human identities, modern the employees and a project study award for the best consumer identity project in 2016 goes to Tom, Tom, please welcome Mr. Christian de Becker, who is the CIO of Tom, Tom. Okay,
Speaker 11 00:17:33 Well, this is definitely a reward for my team. Not for me. I was hardly involved unless I had to do all the financials and the payments, but anyhow, we are glad with this project. And for us, customers has always been in the middle in 2004 with our first devices. It was about opening the box and the things should work today. It's completely different. And the only way how we can provide the wishes to our customers, what they want from us is through a truly identity management. And that's how we have implemented it. First of all, give that customer delight, but also have a basis for future revenue growth. Thank you.
The next category, best approach on improving governance and mitigating risks is presented by Paul Simmonds. Good evening, Paul. Good evening. Can you spend a few lines on your role here? COA called
Speaker 12 00:18:52 Ah, well, I'm the new boy. So I've been here all of seven days. So I think my role probably falls into the category of the unknown unknowns. Ask me again next year.
I will do so
Speaker 12 00:19:08 Good evening. So we all know that when implementing any identity entitlement and access management solution, that the entitlement piece is critical. Entitlement ensures that the right people have the right access while restricting those who should not implementing this along with an effective governance process reduces risk and I'll add business value. Of course, getting it wrong means a lot of unhappy users or worse exposing your business to hackers and data loss while getting it right to the users typically means it just works as it should with the implementation team left as the unsung heroes, Hey, such as the lot of working in security and identity. So it gave me great pleasure tonight to recognize one of those teams to recognize a project that has successfully delivered such an outcome. The best approach on implementing governance and mitigating risk goes to the QAN platform. And joining me on stage is Mr. K Hagen. I hope I pronounced that correctly.
Speaker 13 00:20:49 Thank you. It's with the great honor on behalf of my team, I accept this award. I especially want also to thank Mike Schwartz from glue and the team from Nick Soko, cybersecurity corporation, NSU from Finland in making all this possible how to govern 1 million identities in a privacy and security by design and default way. If you're interested, you can hear me talk more about it tomorrow in a best practice speech. Thank you.
Thank you.
The next category, best IAM project is presented by Matthias rein ERs from you a few words on your role and expertise.
Speaker 14 00:22:04 Yeah, the main expertise is I'm starting out from IAM and I, so I'm really into identity access management, the core business of cooking a coal, and I'm slowly evolving and extending my work here.
Thank you.
Speaker 14 00:22:21 Okay. Best IAM project IAM projects typically have substantial influence on, on security or the way how organizations work internally, but often they are not visible. They're not visible to us as a customer of a company or the subscriber of a service. And in many cases, they are even designed to be not visible from the outside, especially when their main objective is to increase security and compliance. Probably this is one reason why IAM does not often get credited for the achievements actually made, but let's consider the following situation. You are in a supermarket at the cashier booth, and there's an issue with the bill of the person in front of you.
Speaker 14 00:23:07 We all know that wrong prices are the same items has been scanned twice. And what happens is the following a loud speaker call across the whole supermarket for that single lady or guy that has this key, that turns the cash register into, into cancellation mode, which is a transferal privilege, access hardware token and some five or 10 minutes later or so you are able to pay as well. What if modern IAM technology would apply at that point as well, fast authentication, personalized access for each employee, least privileged principle, but temporarily elevated access rights, right? With, with full auditing capabilities for this amendment of this bill of this person in front of you, the best IM project at EIC 2016 actually does that contactless identification of employees using R F I D across the whole organization, single sign on to personal and shared accounts, full auditability and fine grained, access control, limiting access to what is actually needed while achieving compliance with the German data protection act and the winner for the category. Best I am. Project is DM to remarked. And I would like to ask Michael Danner and Mr. Mr. Christian Bosch, I would like, I would like to invite them onto the stage.
Speaker 14 00:24:59 Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations. And the mic is yours.
Speaker 15 00:25:07 Hello. My name is Christian Bosch from the Toga remark and we are really proud to get this award and yes, it was not just a stupid it project. We did. My boss came and say, Jay, you have to change shared accounts to personal accounts. Now it was really, really more that we did in this project. It was a great team performance. And so I have to say a lot of thanks to our project team, to our colleagues at council that did really create chop in three years of this project, thanks to Michael D our SSO specialist. And thanks to AIAN, which as is our component we used for this project. And thanks to the jewelry of copy a call for honoring us with this award, many, many things.
The next category best cloud security is presented by. So what's your responsibility at COA call?
Speaker 16 00:26:31 I also have a dual role. One is lead Analyst in the areas of cybersecurity and currently blockchains as well as well as head of APAC operations.
Thank you,
Speaker 16 00:26:43 The clouds, what a strange term for those of us that first connected to the internet at 14 and took to it like a fish does to water. And then later on, went into working in professional it and enterprise. It it's been a very interesting journey over these past 20 years to notice the disconnect, the, the different innovation drivers of these two lineages, the different values, the different approaches to what you could say as cybersecurity. The cloud for me is it is a bit of a buzzword, but it also was the recognition of the enterprise world of the value of this growth of the internet. And finally, as we're seeing with this fantastic E IC the death of the perimeter, the hopefully the soon death of group policy, as we know it, and this recognition and this collaboration between the two worlds, the cloud for many of us gen wires is not really the cloud. It's just the everyday reality. So security within it is becoming more and more important. And I'm proud to present the winner of the best cloud security project is for the project of orange business services. Mr. Cy at orange cyber defense.
Speaker 17 00:28:43 Well thank you to everybody. And we like to thank you, especially, which is a great partner as well, ma Mari and arm Simon for their great job. Thank you.
Speaker 16 00:29:07 Do I take a
Picture as well? We're slowly coming to the end of the award ceremony. There are two special awards this year. The category special award for responsive innovation is presented by. I must ask this question since, so you almost all people know you, but almost no one, no you're standing here on stage. So what are you doing?
Speaker 18 00:29:45 Well, I, co-founded cooking on call together with Martin and nowadays I'm the managing director together with Martin, whereas he is taking care for our content for our Analyst business. Well, and I am running the company in the background. So my job is more in the background than in the foreground.
Thank you.
Speaker 18 00:30:16 So I am talking about for the first time we give the special award for responsive or responsible, better responsible innovation. And before telling you who will get this reward, imagine for a second that you didn't have a bank account. Maybe you lost your job. You will not. You are in a, in a incredibly well area. You will not lose your job, but imagine somebody lost his job can afford the rent anymore and will lose his bank account. Or, you know, this, this can happen anywhere not only in third world or take any other reason. According to the 2014 global index of the world bank, 38% of the population worldwide do not have access to banking. So they cannot part participate in life. Like we know it, they have no way and no chance to escape from poverty. This is something we should consider. So a socially responsible bank taking care for these group of people, not having a resident being migrants, refugees, we've been talking about refugees or people who are, you know, moving all over the world for professional reasons.
Speaker 18 00:31:59 It could happen to them as well. A bank taking care that those people have an account can participate in daily. Social life do not need to spend all their time for survival, such a bank, which of course is difficult to get up and running. Think through. Think about what such such a project would need to, to do to get through regulation. It's a hell for them, but there is a project and I'm very proud that I now can announce the winner for the first special award on responsible innovation, which is the Takao bank, doing a project and still not ready, taking such an, a vote as a booster to be maybe even earlier ready, creating a bank, which might be based on what I heard, distribute lecturer technology. You might heard, I have heard about it, which will do something very important. It will significantly reduce transaction fees and maybe even solve some identity problems. You can imagine. It will have. I would like to call BA to collect the reward. Bait is a co-founder and CEO of Tao bank. It looks like it's here. We will send it to them. You will get to know
Thank you. And the last category, also a special award, the category special award for best project in research is presented by. So you're not with copy a call, right? Can you explain your relationship? Of
Speaker 19 00:34:32 Course. So I'm a senior strategy consultant in charge of M and a financial services and blockchain, and I'm working for P C. So we have a close partnership with cooking a Kohl, and we're working very closely for quite some time right now.
Thank you. Okay.
Speaker 19 00:34:52 So providing secure solution to a real life problem is a real great achievement, enabling secure communication, preventing data breaches and protecting user government. No protecting user data are key objectives to many organizations may be commercial, governmental or academic. They all face the similar challenges and need to fulfill similar requirements. So then what is an even great achievement than providing those solutions? It is creating a platform that provides many organizations with an etiquette framework to, to solve many similar real life problems and parallel. We are today awarding a platform that enables organizations to create such a platform for themselves securely in the cloud. It has already been successfully deployed around the globe and serves as a secure platform for an impressive number of user organizations. The winner for the special award for best project in research is lead back at university. And I may ask to come up, Victor,
Speaker 21 00:36:38 Thank you very much for the award five years ago, I actually came here. There was a different project. That project was about moving everything to the cloud, but I realized that the challenges of getting security, privacy trust working is so huge. So I began to work with collaborators from different part of world, because I think you realize that there are similar problems faced by different part of world, and why not? We actually share the knowledge and begin to work together. So I bring in different type of expertise and we have spent a lot of time just to make things working. Even you realize that getting things work is quite a challenge. And then the next stage is that you put your prototype and product into the real life situation. Because I think the problem we face are always very different. There's no single solution that can work for all. So the best approach is that we did a lot of iCal hacking penetration testing to, to test how robust our solution is. And I'm very honor to collect this award. It's not just for myself, but on the behalf of my collaborators. Thank you so much for coming a co for providing this opportunity. I really appreciate them. Thank you very much for, for you. Thank you,
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for attending the awards ceremony. The Edward knows closing you are well welcome to join us for the award reception and dinner, which is upstairs in the expert area. Enjoy tonight. And let's see us again tomorrow morning at eight 30.

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