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Bringing Cloud Out of the Shadows

Enabling IT to transform into a “cloud first” operation is a top business priority. Your business can only come out of the shadows if you are addressing critical requirements for access controls, policy enforcement, and risk management. Learn how to safely deliver new cloud applications across your... More

Integrating HR with Identity & Access Management systems

HR systems often provide the authoritative source of employee data needed to provision access. There are many benefits of integrating HR systems with IAM systems: 

• Data can be automatically imported, negating the need for manual entry and reducing risk from human error

•... More

Creating an Omnichannel Experience for Customers

Digital business initiatives are at the forefront of enterprise growth strategies in today's application economy. Enterprises are looking to take advantage of new technology and create opportunities to instigate innovative new services and open up the enterprise. Aran White, Presales Advisor will present security... More

User Managed Access (UMA) as the New Industry Standard

Existing methods of general notice and consent in terms of privacy are not working anymore. It's time for companies to realize that the control of user data is more than compliance. A new standard is UMA (User-Managed Access) and the new OpenUMA Project which implements the standard as part of a technical... More

Reducing Your Biggest Security Risks in a Single Day

Do you often wonder how to easily address your privileged access management challenges and get rid of them quickly? Wallix’ philosophy is that the value of a software solution lies as much in its functional and technological capabilities as in its ability to be deployed, adopted and used efficiently. Wallix... More

Defend Against Data Breaches by Stopping Them in their Tracks

A seemingly never-ending string of large scale data breaches across all sectors of the economy and government has had devastating effects on countless individuals — and irreparably damaged organizations of all kinds. It’s been proven that privileged users, and the accounts and credentials they use,... More

You Know Who Is "ROOT", and Which of Your Admins Use the Credentials?

In today’s high regulated IT one of the most challenging organizational points is to manage privileged account credentials like Linux/ Unix “root”, Windows “Administrator” and non-personal accounts. We will talk about privileged account identification and how to stay compliant with... More

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