Cybersecurity Innovation Night

Machine & Deep Learning for the Secure Future

  • TYPE: Innovation Slam DATE: November 13, 2018 TIME: 19:00 - 22:00
Innovation Night

Cybersecurity Innovation Night moderated by Dr. George Beridze

Dr. George Beridze joined KuppingerCole in 2017 as a Project Manager with the focus on Cybersecurity and Blockchain Identity. Previously he worked as Research Scientist at various institutions in Germany and Europe. He did his PhD in natural sciences, focused on computational modelling. He co-authored more than 20 research papers and is fluent in German, English, Russian and Georgian languages.

Cybersecurity Innovation Night Jury

  Martin Kuppinger
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  Warwick Ashford
  Computer Weekly
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  Dr. Michael von der Horst
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Welcome to Cybersecurity Innovation Night. Up to 8 presentations, 10 minutes each. Your talk will be rated by a Jury of industry, academia, technology experts, journalists and by the delegates. The overall winner will receive prize money AND will be considered for the presentation slot at European Identity and Cloud conference in May 2019.

Every year the number of cyber attacks is increasing. The types of targets include just about everyone, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, critical infrastructure, and government agencies.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated as well as growing in frequency. Up to a million new malware variants are created every day. Each new threat group can be significantly different from previous ones and can be used in damaging attacks around the world.

The Cybersecurity Innovation Night will focus on cutting-edge approaches and advanced solutions in the various areas of cybersecurity by utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies. ML and DL have had many successful applications in image recognition and language processing, and now these techniques are the fastest growing trends in cybersecurity. These tools are gaining more traction in cybersecurity because they facilitate more efficient analysis and allow faster, automated responses to various threats.

The slam-style talks will present various approaches of combating cyber attacks and cybercrime using ML and DL techniques. Slammers will entertain and at the same time, try to convince the crowd that the world will be a safer place with their contribution.

Key Topics

• Introduce and describe Machine or Deep Learning approach in Cybersecurity
• Propose a new path for using ML & DL for Advanced Threat Protection
• Application of ML & DL technologies in User Behavior Analytics
• Detecting Zero Day Threats
• Adjusting to Live Threats and Complex Networks

Speaker Info

We are not looking for “pitches” in a commercial sense where you try to look good in front of a group of investors.
Using slides for your presentation is optional.

As a presenter, you must be involved yourself in the work which you will be presenting to the audience. 

Cybersecurity Innovation Night Agenda

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
19:00 - 19:10 Keeping Your Organization Secure: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Identity & Access Management
Dr. Willem De Groef, Co-Founder, Elimity
19:20 - 19:30 The Red Team of ML: Adversarial Examples
Frederic Stallaert, Machine Learning Engineer/ Data Scientist, ML6
19:40 - 19:50 AI Can Save Lives, But You Need to Have a Proactive Cybersecurity Plan
Albert Stepanyan, CEO, Develandoo
20:00 - 20:10 AI Geared Cyber-defense at the Cloud Marketplace - A Game Changer
Dr. Doron Chema, CEO & Co-Founder, L7 Defense
20:20 - 20:30 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications in Cybersecurity
Ovidiu Ursachi, Founder, masernet
20:40 - 20:50 Threat Intelligence Powered by Machine Learning
Josefin Ondrus, Software Engineer C&A, Recorded Future
21:00 - 21:10 Why AI Will Become Key for Cybersecurity
Martin Mangold, Head of Cloud Operations, DriveLock SE


Dr. Doron Chema (Ph.D.) CEO and Cofounder of L7 Defense. Doron has an extensive experience as entrepreneur and high-tech executive for 15+ years. Doron hold a Ph.D. in Bio-informatics and Prior to Co-founding L7 Defense, Doron serves as a Senior Architect, CTO and other senior...

Dr. Willem De Groef is a computer scientist by education and obtained a PhD in secure software engineering from the University of Leuven. He has extensive experience with analyzing the security of complex software systems ranging from the architectural level to bare implementation. His...

Martin Mangold, Head of Cloud Operations, is responsible for DriveLock SE's global cloud business. In addition to the operation of cloud services based on Microsoft Azure, this includes the product strategy and the go-to-market strategy of cloud services. The cloud business is one of the main...

Josefin Ondrus has a Master’s degree in Computer Science (algorithms, languages and logic) from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. At Recorded Future she focuses on the design and implementation of new machine learning strategies for natural language processing (NLP). She is...

Hey, there, I am Albert a.k.a Cyberhulk… Artificial Intelligence Advisor and Entrepreneur who loves to code. I have an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for coding. Currently, I act as the CEO and lead strategist at Develandoo. Develandoo is an Artificial Intelligence...

Ovidiu Ursachi is founder of masernet. He worked as a Cybersecurity Solutions Architect for a wide panel of Atos global customers. He architects and integrates large solutions responding to IT and OT cybersecurity challenges in defense, automotive, industry or banking sectors. He is currently...

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Cybersecurity Innovation Night

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