Tom Hofmann - Effective Countermeasures For Securing Critical Infrastructure – A View On The Human Aspect

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When we think of security in the OT / IoT space, we are very focused on technological measures and controls. However, the recent incidents in this field showed that security events are not only based on a failure of technical controls. The 2017 Triton malware attack on SaudiAramco is a good example of what can happen based on human behaviour. While the attacked Triconex SIS controller is protected by a physical switch, it seems that this switch has been left in program mode. The ongoing digitalization of operational technologies presents cyber security professionals a whole new challenge. Technical controls are just one part to successfully protect critical infrastructure, but we have to consider the human factor too. As 90% of cyber incidents are human-enabled (Verizon Data Breach Report 2017), this will be one of the main topics in security for critical infrastructure. How can these challenges be addressed, what are new and innovative ways to develop security solutions, create resilience and protection?

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