Martin Kuppinger - User Behavior Analytics: Can We? Should We? Must We? And if, How to Do It Right?

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User Behavior Analytics (UBA) or UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics) is an important capability of a variety of products: Specialized solutions for UBA; IAM tools with built-in UBA capabilities; and various cyber-security products that also come with built-in UBA capabilities.

The question to start with is: What is UBA really and how does it differ from e.g. Threat Analytics, SIEM, Access Governance, and other capabilities? Where is the benefit of UBA? Is it a nice-to-have or must-have in these days of ever-increasing cyber-threats? And if we go for UBA: How do we do it right? As a separate tool or built-in capability? As an IAM capability, where identities and user accounts are managed, or as a SOC (Security Operations Center) capability? And what about privacy?

This session will look at the state of UBA and how to do it right to leverage the potential of UBA for increasing your cyber-attack resilience in your Enterprise Security initiative.

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