Dr. Torsten George - How Zero Trust is Creating a Game-Changing Security Experience

We got security wrong. Enterprise security is failing with two-thirds of organizations experiencing an average of five or more security breaches in the past two years, according to Forrester. Adding to the fervor is the impact of Cloud, Mobile, DevSecOps, Access. The entire experience of developing, deploying and protecting applications has forever changed. In today’s network perimeter-free world, organizations must adopt a Zero Trust Security model – and shift from ‘trust but verify; to assume users inside a network are no more trustworthy than those outside. And with the digital economy in full swing, the adoption of continuous integration and deployment brings with it new challenges, including greater attack surfaces as well as increased, complex compliance.

In this session, Dr. Torsten George, cybersecurity evangelist, will explain how the velocity of DevSecOps, security breaches, access to applications is creating the mandate for Zero Trust, and in doing so ushering in a new era of experiences – everything from how we securely develop and deploy apps, to how we authorize access for consumers and privileged users. Dr. George will outline how to enforce risk-based policy in real time, at the point of access. He’ll also provide tips on how to speed up analysis and greatly minimize the effort required to assess risk across today’s hybrid IT environments through the use of machine learning.

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