Alexei Balaganski - Containers, Microservices, APIs: The Latest DevOps Security Trends

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To stay competitive during the times of digital transformation, when business models and technology landscapes change daily, enterprises must reinvent many of their business processes to achieve new levels of agility and flexibility, and nowhere else this is more evident than in software development. As the demand for faster design, development and delivery of software is growing, organizations are adopting the DevOps methodology that fundamentally changes the ways software is produced.

With a strong focus on practices like continuous delivery, infrastructure as code and test automation, DevOps can do wonders for development productivity. Unfortunately, quite often this is done at the expense of governance and security, which many developers see more as obstacles that prevent them from achieving the desired level of agility. Adding the newest disruptive technologies like containers or microservices to the mix only makes the matters worse by opening an entire range of new possible attack vectors.

In this session, we’ll talk about the organizational and technological measures needed to close the rift between DevOps agility and strong IT security as well as have a look at some of the today’s most popular DevOps trends and discuss their biggest security challenges.

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