Defining Modern Cybersecurity Leadership
In this episode of the Analyst Chat, Matthias talks to KuppingerCole CEO Berthold Kerl about cybersecurity leadership and what it takes to lead a company in cybersecurity.
Ransomware: The Invisible Enemy of Organizations
The cost of cyberattacks is tremendous and affects every business and government around the world. So how can you become more resilient? Read on to find out.
Raising User Awareness to Increase Cyber Resilience
How can you mitigate risk in the age of socially engineered cyberattacks? Watch now and find out.
Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure
Ransomware is a very easy and successful way of making money illicitly, so it is a proven business model unlikely to lose popularity with cyber criminals any time soon. Cybercriminals are also evolving the business model and may even be collaborating with competitors, say security researchers.
Who is Afraid of Security Automation?
Understanding security automation is becoming increasingly important as security experts become rarer. Read now!
The Importance of Standards in the IT Security Industry
Tune in to learn more about the importance of standards in cybersecurity
PAM in a Post-Pandemic Digital World
Business IT and the way people work is changing. Trends towards digital transformation and remote working have only been accelerated by the global Covid pandemic. Therefore, the ways organizations manage Privileged Access must adapt and change accordingly to ensure the business remains competitive a
Security for Operational Technology Environments
Learn now about the similar and unique threats facing operational technology (OT) compared to traditional enterprise IT systems.
DREAM: A New Entitlement Management Model for Modern IT 
KuppingerCole has defined a model for this new paradigm of Dynamic Resource Entitlement and Access Management (DREAM). The DREAM model envisages common service development, delivery, and operations; infrastructure management and operations; and security and identity across on-prem, Edge, and private
You Cannot Buy Zero Trust, But That’s Actually OK
Zero Trust is undoubtedly one of the hottest buzzwords in the IT industry. Unfortunately, even the companies highly motivated to adopt Zero Trust as their new strategy are often struggling even with the initial steps. Read now to learn more.
NIS2 Directive: Who, What, and How?
How Does Using Cloud Services Alter Risk
I am often asked “does using a cloud service alter risk?” I always reply to this question with “well it depends”. Every organization has its own set of circumstances, and the answer needs to take these into account. It is also important to think about how the responsibility for security is shared be
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