Cyber Supply Chain Security
Every business has a supply chain upon which it relies. Any disruption to that a supply chain has a knock-on effect on all the businesses that depend on it. Most organizations are well versed in securing physical supply chains, but the world has changed, and now there is a cyber component to just ab
The Importance of SME’s Cybersecurity
Security controls are diverse and complex. Every organization faces dynamic and relentless attackers every day. Watch now and find out what insights Andrzej Kawalec provides that can make a CISO's life easier.
Is It Possible to Recover After a Cyberattack?
Unfortunately, every organization is vulnerable to suffer a cyberattack. We have seen in the last years a considerable increase in cybercrime and the negative impact that it causes on businesses. The obvious consequences are financial, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Read now!
Digital Transformation
The digital age has dawned, and organizations are adopting digital processes and services as quickly as they can to remain competitive in an unpredictable commercial environment affected by rapid social change and technological innovation.
Cyber-Crisis Becomes an Opportunity for Insurers
The pandemic changed our lives in many ways, some good and some bad. However, one impact has been that that cyber-attacks are more prevalent than ever before. This problem comes with opportunities. Read now to find out more!
Martin Kuppinger's Must Watch Sessions
Read now to find out what Martin Kuppinger's must watch sessions are, you should attend!
Training Non-techies on Cybersecurity Awareness
Everyone is at risk of cyberattacks every day. That's why it's a CISO's job to help colleges that aren't as familiar with the topic. Learn how to do it right, read now!
CIAM a Way of Managing and Getting Value from Consumer Data
As interactions between organizations and consumers of goods and services increasingly happen online, the collection, protection, and management of consumer information has become increasingly important and challenging.
Countering State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks
Nordea CSO Marc Hofmann explains the significance of state actors in today's cyber threatscape and what organizations can do to protect themselves.
State-sponsored Cyber Attacks
Leading organizations have long factored state-sponsored cyber-attacks into their risk-based cyber defense planning, but the need to do so has been highlighted in recent months due to an increase in this type of attack associated with the conflict in Ukraine.
The HeatWave is Spreading
MySQL HeatWave is a managed database service created by Oracle that extends the standard MySQL engine with support for in-database high-performance transactional workloads, analytics, machine learning, and automation. Now it is also offered as a native AWS service.
Cyber Hygiene: Common Problems & Best Practices
Adopting a cyber hygiene strategy is a lot like developing new habits to work more safely. Similar to personal habits, organizations also have a culture. Cyber hygiene routines must be a shared responsibility involving all departments and users.
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