Senior Marketing Manager Communications

Marius Goeddert

Marius Goeddert joined KuppingerCole in 2019 as Marketing Manager Communications. He is responsible for corporate communications, public relations as well as direct marketing campaigns for events. Prior to joining KuppingerCole, Marius worked in media analysis, news monitoring and communications consulting for the automotive industry. He studied Political Science and American Studies.

Latest blog posts

The Disjointed State of CIAM
March 28, 2023
As conscious consumers, we are all familiar with the different stages of the digital consumer lifecycle from registration and onboarding to authentication, transaction, and sometimes also the deletion of an account. As users we expect a frictionless experience while our data is kept safe.…
The Path of Unifying Identities
March 21, 2023
Most people in the identity and access management community would agree that digital identities are necessary for successful digitization. Tune in to today's Speaker Spotlight with One Identity's Field Strategist Robert Byrne to learn why it is necessary to unify identities in order to…
Avoiding Pitfalls in CIAM
March 14, 2023
A frictionless customer experience can support an organization's security posture because it prevents users from engaging in risky behavior. Tune in to cidaas CEO Sadrick Widmann's Speaker Spotlight to learn why customer experience is not only useful for security but also for business.
Preventing Supply Chain Attacks
October 31, 2022
  What are your top 3 cybersecurity priorities? And have they changed much in recent years? So, my top three cybersecurity priorities haven't actually really changed over the years. They actually changed in content and severity but not over all. So, a major concern, of…
The Importance of SME’s Cybersecurity
October 17, 2022
Complete the following sentence: “Cybersecurity is... / is not...” Cybersecurity is... Cybersecurity is really hard. One of the things that I think we should never forget, we exist in an imperfect world. Security controls are varied and complex, and we face every…
Countering State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks
October 04, 2022
  What makes Nation State Actors so special compared to other threat actors? I think it's important to understand the differences between the different threat actor groups, I think is super important for a CISO. Those are usually seen as the following. We have the…