Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Ransomware is a very easy and successful way of making money illicitly, so it is a proven business model unlikely to lose popularity with cyber criminals any time soon. Cybercriminals are also evolving the business model and may even be collaborating with competitors, say security researchers.

Not only are tactics, techniques and procedures evolving, ransoms getting greater, demand for ransomware-as-a-service increasing, and double-dipping attacks that demand one payment to decrypt data and another to hold off publishing copies of sensitive data, but organizations are increasingly being hit multiple times by different ransomware groups, and even more concerning is the increasing targeting of critical infrastructure.

According to an IC3 report, one reason for this focus on critical infrastructure is that attackers are seeking to exploit the fact that governments are accelerating the digital transformation of the public health, food and agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

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