PAM in a Post-Pandemic Digital World

Business IT and the way people work is changing. Trends towards digital transformation and remote working have only been accelerated by the global Covid pandemic. Therefore, the ways organizations manage Privileged Access must adapt and change accordingly to ensure the business remains competitive and secure.

At the same time that hybrid working is becoming more common, as people take advantage of technologies that support working from home or on the road as well as the office, IT architecture is rapidly shifting to multi-cloud, multi hybrid environments in which identities of all kinds will compete for access to business-critical cloud-based resources.

One of the most significant changes is that privileged users are no longer restricted to human users, but can include machines, service accounts, APIs, and even bits of code. For Privileged Access Management (PAM), the focus must be on authenticating genuine privileged identities in fast paced, least privilege, zero trust,...

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