Business IT and the way people work is changing. Trends towards digital transformation and remote working have only been accelerated by the global Covid pandemic. Therefore, the ways organizations manage Privileged Access must adapt and change accordingly to ensure the business remains competitive and secure.

At the same time that hybrid working is becoming more common, as people take advantage of technologies that support working from home or on the road as well as the office, IT architecture is rapidly shifting to multi-cloud, multi hybrid environments in which identities of all kinds will compete for access to business-critical cloud-based resources.

One of the most significant changes is that privileged users are no longer restricted to human users, but can include machines, service accounts, APIs, and even bits of code. For Privileged Access Management (PAM), the focus must be on authenticating genuine privileged identities in fast paced, least privilege, zero trust, cloud-first environments.

Attention also needs to be paid to securing privileged accounts, credentials, and secrets, and improving business flows and access to data so that those users who need privileged access can do so in an efficient and timely manner.

But all this can be challenging for those entrusted with managing privileged identities. Organizations around the world are typically plagued by limited visibility of privileged accounts, users, and credentials. This creates a whole host of security, accountability, and regulatory compliance issues.

As organizations accelerate their migration to the cloud, it is critical that they have a strategic privileged access approach in place to ensure secure onboarding and management of new privileged accounts at scale. It has never been more important for organizations to have the right tools, processes, and strategies to manage privileged identities effectively and efficiently.

In the light of the changing business and IT environment, organizations need to ensure that they know how to evaluate business cases for PAM, that they understand why they need PAM capabilities, that they have a strategic approach to deploying PAM, that they know how to assess the success of their PAM deployments, and that they are familiar with the with PAM best practices.

Think beyond solutions that cover just multi-cloud, but integrate across multi-cloud multi-hybrid IT. Focus also on integration with the IAM and PAM infrastructure you have in place. Look at the overarching DevSecOps (KuppingerCole SODAS) model; and the model for agile service delivery in a modern, multi-cloud, multi-hybrid IT (KuppingerCole BASIS) for a comprehensive approach.

— Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole.

Because we understand the importance of privileged access management in increasingly complex IT environments, and because we are committed to helping your business succeed, KuppingerCole has a great deal of content available in a variety of formats.

This includes our KC Live events, such the one taking place next week, which will look at how to manage privileged access in working and IT environment that is undergoing rapid change in a digital, post-pandemic world. Discover all you need to know about Becoming a Better Privileged Access Manager by registering free of charge to attend this online event on 14 September.


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Changing business practices, agile software development and digital transformation has meant that users of privileged accounts have become more numerous and widespread, making PAM one of the most important areas of risk management and security in any organization. 

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Wherever you are in your PAM journey, KuppingerCole’s Insight on Privileged Access Management is designed to explain why privileged access matters to your business in the context of the modern IT environment, and highlight the top things you need to know to get started.

Tech Investment

Organizations investing in technologies to support PAM in modern IT environments, can have a look at some of the related technology solutions that we have evaluated: