Before there were PAM solutions everyone was given access to privileged accounts with little regard or control as to who had access to them, when they had access and what they did with that access. As security breaches started to rise and compliance regulations were written it was obvious that manual processes and home-grown approaches to manage privileged access weren't enough to secure your organization.

First PAM solutions solved issues but were too inflexible

That's when privileged management solutions popped up in the market. There were solutions for password management and delegation solutions were created along with ways to unify your UNIX environment. Shortly after, session management solutions were created and finally, analytics were introduced. And while these solutions solved a problem they were brought to market by separate companies and each solved a separate problem. These stand-alone, incompatible point solutions were next to impossible to manage centrally and difficult to implement. Furthermore, these tools required users to change the way in which they worked and often led to user-acceptance issues.

Next-gen PAM solutions grow with your business

That brings us to today, and the rise of multi-platform environments, digital transformation, AI, virtualization, robotic process automation (RPA) and DevOps practices. The IT world has changed, and PAM solutions need to change with it. Next-generation PAM solutions are architected to take into consideration the entire PAM process not just the individual challenges around PAM. They are designed to be operations- and automation-ready making them easy to deploy and seamlessly integrate into your environment and business processes. Next-Gen PAM solutions take into consideration the way that admins work, provide maximum transparency and remove the friction typical of first-generation solutions. They grow with you and enable you to scale and transform your PAM program as your environment and business evolve.

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