Identity Fabrics 2

In the digital era, being able to manage and control access to services, data and other resources by employees, partners, customers, and devices (things) is extremely important, and a key element of that is identity. Having a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability, therefore, is essential for any modern business.

In fact, the management of identities and permissions in digital transformation is the key to security, privacy, compliance, governance, and audit, as well as system usability and user satisfaction. Traditional IAM systems meet only a fraction of current requirements, and therefore a new, modern approach is necessary.

At KuppingerCole, we believe that the best approach to enabling a comprehensive, IAM capability for the digital era is to build it on a modern, modular architecture that supports an integrated set of Identity Services that deliver the capabilities required for providing seamless, controlled, and secure access for everyone and...

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