Martin Kuppinger: Identity Fabrics - Delivering IAM for the Digital Business

Identity Management is on the change. It will never be the same again. It is already more than Employee IAM. The segregation between various parts of IAM is blurring. Digital business require advanced identity services, well beyond the human identities. Identity Fabrics are the model for your Future IAM. They are about a consistent set of capabilities and services in a modern architecture, supporting your business and IT use cases. They deliver the Identity Services for your new digital services, ready-to-use and supporting the time-to-value in the digital transformation of your business. However, they also provide a path for modernizing and consolidating your legacy IAM into a modern set of IAM services, at your own pace. Thus, Identity Fabrics enable your IAM expansion and transition. Martin Kuppinger will explain the fundamental concepts of Identity Fabrics and explain why these are the cornerstone of forward-looking IAM strategies.

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