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Martin Kuppinger: Identity Fabrics - Delivering IAM for the Digital Business

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Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst
Martin Kuppinger
Martin Kuppinger is Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, a leading analyst company for identity focused information security, both in classical and in cloud environments. Prior to KuppingerCole, Martin wrote more than 50 IT-related books and is known  as a widely-read columnist...
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Designing the New Identity Fabric
May 11, 2023

Modern applications and environments are driving a new Identity Fabric.  Are you ready to build yours?  Join Vadim Lander, Chief Technology Office and Distinguished Engineer at Broadcom Software, as he discusses the design considerations to evolving your Identity and Access Management solution to build a Zero Trust foundation and bridge the identity gap across your hybrid environment.  

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Identity Fabrics for True Digital Transformation
Dec 11, 2019

Business models are changing, customer relationships are changing, and business partnerships are far more volatile than ever before. Workloads are shifting to the cloud and to as-a-service models. Businesses are looking to provide more and more digital services to their customers and consumers via apps and integrate with devices and things. Digital Identity is at the center of these digital transformations.

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Tim Barber: Creating an Innovative Identity Fabrics Structure
May 18, 2020

Every business today is faced with a digital transformative imperative. In a digital world, where everyone is connected to everything, secure access is key for employees, partners, customers and even things. Organizations are challenged however by the need for controlling and staying on top of constant change and at the same time allowing continuous innovation of both technology and business models. How do you keep up with the speed of change and the need for security?  In his keynote, Tim Barber will discuss the concept of Identity Fabrics - platforms that provide all of the required services with a strong digital identity backend and discuss the essential technologies required to build, deliver and innovate at the speed of business.

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Matthias Reinwarth: CIAM and the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric
Oct 28, 2020

A Flexible, Adaptable Architecture Framework to Meet the Accelerating Demands of a Digital Enterprise

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) has arrived in the business processes of digital enterprises. Customers, prospects, devices, things and their relationships are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the innovation cycles for customer-oriented applications are becoming shorter and shorter. And CIAM itself is facing continuously changing challenges.

The service-oriented paradigm of the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric provides the perfect foundation for a steady evolution. This applies both to the CIAM system itself and to CIAM as a building block of a company-wide identity infrastructure.

Thus the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric serves as the umbrella for an entire IAM architecture. It supports distinctive features for CIAM where required, while ensuring efficiency and reuse wherever possible.

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Evolving Identity and Access Management for the Digital Era
Jan 18, 2023

Join Identity & Access Management experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and Broadcom as they discuss how business IT is changing, and the implications for IAM. They will define modern IAM and explain why and how IAM needs to change to support modern app development, regulatory compliance, and user satisfaction.

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts, will look at the evolution of the concept of Identity Fabrics, its guiding principles, how to approach IAM investments, and how KuppingerCole expects Identity Fabrics to evolve over the next few years. Vadim Lander, Identity Security CTO & Distinguished Engineer in the Symantec Identity Security Group will explain how organizations can transition their IAM capabilities to support modern business IT environments without a radical rip and replace approach. He will also provide insights into how to make your IAM performant, scalable, extensible, manageable, and interoperable.