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Advisory Note: Migration Options and Guidelines for Oracle Waveset - 70610

by Fulup Ar Foll

... of every single attribute imposes real time synchronization and reconciliation with all ... part of compliance enforcement is done in real time before accepting the action. In this ... time. From this snapshot the customer can run data-intelligence processes ... . Waveset IDM had no real data-intelligence/compliance components. The last ... time. Furthermore most legacy systems are weak on compliance and data-intelligence ... Page 25 of 26 The Future of Information Security – Today. KuppingerCole supports IT professionals with ...

Advisory Note

Unifying RBAC and ABAC in a Dynamic Authorization Framework

by Dan Blum

... , downstream data warehouses and business intelligence (BI) systems where it may not ... an airport, for example, authentication is performed at security checkpoints. Once inside the checkpoint ... or denying subject access to resources in real-time. By decoupling these dimensions, KuppingerCole enables ... just to personalize applications, as security groups Store security groups in a centralized directory service ... by establishing the organization’s principles underlying security, identity, and authorization. Charter a ...


Meeting PSD2 Challenges with Ergon Airlock Suite

by John Tolbert

... of consumers, and decreased transaction settlement times. In 2013, the European Commission ... accounts and read account information in real-time. PISPs will need to check ... Geo-location Geo-velocity IP address Time of day/week Device ID/ fingerprint ... composed of: Edge security firewalls, informed by 3^rd^ party cyber threat intelligence services Load balancers ... sector in the EU, now is the time to understand and prepare for meeting ... assessment if your staff lacks the time or experience to effectively evaluate your ...

Advisory Note

Maturity Level Matrix for GDPR Readiness

by Matthias Reinwarth

... data subject. Documented and repeatable security controls are implemented to protect confidentiality ... , encryption, pseudonymizing / tokenizing and anonymization. Security and privacy controls are in place ... adopt adequate technical and organizational security measures. Profiling: Another area ... risk-based authentication & authorization, access Intelligence, Cognitive Security, CIAM, UAF/U2F, UMA ... compromised credential intelligence from in-network and multiple external sources analyzed in real-time. Continuous ...


Making Sense of the Top Cybersecurity Trends

by Alexei Balaganski

... devaluation of popular cryptocurrencies… Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Perhaps the biggest ... to the traditional perimeter-based security, which can no longer provide ... as untrusted and enforces strict security, access control, and comprehensive ... work themselves! Unfortunately, traditional security tools and even specialized ... a multi-layered deployment of different security technologies ranging from endpoint detection ... dynamic context-based authentication with real-time behavior biometrics, it turns ...


Impressions from the Oracle OpenWorld

by Alexei Balaganski

... Oracle OpenWorld for the second time. Just like last year, ... about a future roadmap, this time visitors had ample opportunity to ... , we had a chance to talk to real customers sharing their success stories ... which is completely redesigned with the “security first” principle in mind. His ... completely separate control plane and security perimeter of the cloud infrastructure, ... exploit them. At the same time, this isolation barrier prevents ... OpenWorld was undoubtedly the Artificial Intelligence. And although I really hate ...

Executive View

Auth0 Customer Identity Management

by John Tolbert

... accessing sensitive data in consideration of the real-time risk levels. MFA, in concert with ... etc. Passwordless systems: Touch ID, one time codes on SMS, or email Strong (2- ... Authentication are becoming more commonplace as security requirements. For example, the upcoming ... party MFA solutions like: Duo Security, Yubikeys, Google Authenticator and ... feeds of third-party threat or fraud intelligence. For example, consider a third- ... party threat intelligence feed that outputs a variable called ...


Advisory Note: Maturity Level Matrixes for Identity and Access Management/Governance - 70738

by Amar Singh

... of 19 2.2 Identity Provisioning For a long time Identity Provisioning has been the ... future. What will change over time is the nature of Access ... rules that are checked at run-time. Level DAM Characteristics 1 Initial ... Provisioning, Access Governance, and Realtime Security Intelligence. Table 5: Maturity Levels for Privilege ... ”. Dynamic, integrated with Realtime Security Intelligence. Rule-based policy compliance. ... both on-premise and cloud services. Real-time synchronization or federation. Support for comprehensive ...


Advisory Note: Making critical infrastructures in finance industry fit for the age of cyber attacks - 70405

by Martin Kuppinger

... than traditional, simple attacks happening in real-time. It might take months until ... , accumulated, risk-adjusted and ideally real-time data. KuppingerCole – Advisory Note – ... Banking is obviously - at least in many real cases - not "real-time" yet, whereas other sections ... and on top of those variants of business intelligence and data warehousing systems that ... to change to systems that support real-time reporting. These two arguments will ... hand have been built in times with lower security awareness and which are ...

Leadership Brief

What AI can do for you today – and what not

by Mike Small

... example, the analysis cyber security event data. Where large ... domain. For example, from cyber security to fraud. The application of ... curated. For example, in the cyber-security space to be able to identify a threat ... to complete for given circumstances). Security Event Analysis Identify abnormal patterns ... a production line to consistently identify imperfections in real time. Facial Recognition Recognize regular customers ... track criminal suspects. Summary AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a generic term that covers a ...