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This KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of insights on the leaders in innovation, product features, and market reach for Privileged Access Management (PAM). These vendors use a variety of software tools to enable organizations to control, and monitor privileged access to endpoints, servers, applications, and cloud resources. The report is the most comprehensive of its type covering more vendors than any other and presents a unique guide to the PAM market. Such products will include those that offer basic PAM capabilities such as password vaulting and management, full-service platforms that offer most capabilities right through to some CIEM capabilities and vendors that offer a mix of various capabilities for specific applications. The Leadership Compass is designed to address the fullest picture of the PAM market by assessing as many vendors as possible in the space, including those vendors to watch.
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1 Introduction/Executive Summary

1.1 Highlights

  • The emergence of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Platforms (CIEM) is disrupting the traditional PAM market; some traditional vendors now offering CIEM type capabilities.
  • Dynamic cloud access demands continue to grow as organizations struggle with unauthorized clouds and personal cloud creation by Lines of Business (LOB), end users and Developers.
  • New market entrants continue to appear but with highly focused PAM apps rather than suites, usually 100% cloud native.
  • A market divide is emerging between centralized, multi-capability PAM platforms and smaller PAM and CIEM apps purchased for small businesses or LOBs
  • Vaults vs. passwordless continues to be a choice but no sign yet of a persistent decline of vaults and password capabilities
  • Just in Time (JIT) and Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) demands are beginning to impact the market with vendors either now offering those capabilities or have in their roadmap.
  • The number of PAM and PAM capable vendors (including Vendors to Watch) has increased despite mergers and acquisitions among established vendors.
  • More granular and revised scoring by KuppingerCole has resulted in a realignment of vendors to reflect new capability demands and the changing market
  • PAM Leadership Compass 2023 has revised Spider Graph categories to reflect changing market demands
  • The overall Leaders are (in alphabetical order): ARCON, BeyondTrust, CyberArk, Delinea, EmpowerID, One Identity, Saviynt, Senhasegura and WALLIX.
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