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Advisory Note

Advisory Note The Impact of Blockchains on Business Process Management and Optimisation

by Bruce Hughes

... such as Finance, Utilities metering intelligence and Logistics / Supply Chain ... of compromise. This provides security benefits to centralised and distributed ... being implemented or proposed by security researchers, vendors and blockchain ... description: Advisory Note: The IoT Security Disruptive potential of Blockchains - ... recognition of irregular behaviour in real-time. Summary and Recommendations Blockchain-based ... manufacturing and supply chain management, security authentication, management and communication ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Identity Provisioning

by Martin Kuppinger

... and have evolved over time. That was the time of central authentication ... end-user requests almost in real time from a small web interface, this ... positive Strong positive IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence Strong positive Strong positive ... had developed and acquired over time. The current version is well ... overall governance and security. Overall, IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence is a mature offering ... state of any point in time in the past remain fairly ...

Executive View

Executive View Oracle Identity Cloud Service

by Mike Small

... also creates challenges around management, security and administration. Managing identity and ... for managing many of the time-consuming tasks involved in delivering ... tighter integrations with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Enterprise Mobility ... threats providing a complete API Security solution. Strenghts and Challenges Oracle ... replace these tools in the real world. The functionality provided covers ... Access Governance & Intelligence - 71145 Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers - 72534 Leadership ...

Buyer's Compass

Buyer's Compass Buyer’s Guide: Consumer Identity and Access Management Solution

by John Tolbert

... intelligence subscriptions. Fraud intelligence providers gather, parse, and analyze data about real ... reports and send it to security intelligence systems. Examples of information ... logins, user logins by time/day/location, failed login attempts ... transit and at rest. Security and fraud intelligence integration CIAM is a ... as SIEM or security intelligence, fraud intelligence, and compromised credential intelligence solutions. If ... but does not yet have security intelligence infrastructure, initiate a separate project ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note KYC as an Enabler in the Financial Services Business Transformation

by Bruce Hughes

... omni-channel communications, provide data security, identity / access management, and personal ... sub-prime mortgages, asset-backed securities, and interest rate swaps that ... essentially requires the availability and security of APIs between banks and ... and operate data analytics solutions. Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance must ... “gut feel” instead of business intelligence. Regulation The regulatory compliance landscape ... truth”, available in or near real time; Perform data analytics to understand ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note Information Stewardship in the Age of Blockchain

by Karin Gräslund

... are regulatory compliance and scalability, real time etc., but the technology ... both its compliance and security at the same time and in a ... all unstructured enterprise data in real time as it is produced ... information, but implements a near real-time information-centric security technique to report on ... to report the current security level in real-time and thus to ... about the current attention in real-time, but in a controlled way – ... to agents derived from artificial intelligence, which could execute tasks without ...


Making Sense of the Top Cybersecurity Trends

by Alexei Balaganski

... , and harsh privacy regulations, security professionals now have way too ... of popular cryptocurrencies… Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Perhaps the biggest ... as untrusted and enforces strict security, access control, and comprehensive ... work themselves! Unfortunately, traditional security tools and even specialized Privileged ... multi-layered deployment of different security technologies ranging from endpoint detection ... dynamic context-based authentication with real-time behavior biometrics, it turns ...


Whitepaper Meeting PSD2 Challenges with Ergon Airlock Suite

by John Tolbert

... consumers, and decreased transaction settlement times. In 2013, the European Commission ... and read account information in real-time. PISPs will need to check ... that collects user data over time and uses pattern-matching techniques ... location Geo-velocity IP address Time of day/week Device ID ... : Edge security firewalls, informed by 3^rd^ party cyber threat intelligence services Load ... fingerprint (see below), SSO cookies, time, and date. The risk engine ... if your staff lacks the time or experience to effectively evaluate ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note Maturity Level Matrix for GDPR Readiness

by Matthias Reinwarth

... encryption, pseudonymizing / tokenizing and anonymization. Security and privacy controls are in ... adopt adequate technical and organizational security measures. Profiling: Another area ... available. Documented basic privacy and security controls, including DLP, data ... Web forms, DLP tools, Enterprise Security, Mail, Web Forms, traditional ... -based authentication & authorization, access Intelligence, Cognitive Security, CIAM, UAF/U2F, UMA ... intelligence from in-network and multiple external sources analyzed in real-time ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note Unifying RBAC and ABAC in a Dynamic Authorization Framework

by Dan Blum

... access management (IAM) and information security alike. To be successful, ... downstream data warehouses and business intelligence (BI) systems where it may ... example, authentication is performed at security checkpoints. Once inside the ... to personalize applications, as security groups Store security groups in a centralized ... Authorization Runtime authorization is the real-time access policy enforcement at a ... establishing the organization’s principles underlying security, identity, and authorization. Charter a ...