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Executive View

Executive View BigID

by Richard Hill

... data privacy, security, and governance challenges. Data Discovery and Intelligence The foundations ... identifiability (e.g., 100% identifiable). The Data Intelligence Platform can provide a visual view ... and Platform Security BigID supplies the platform access intelligence through the creation ... inform real-time policy actions with their integration partners like Ionic Security, Immuta ... Protection. From the BigID Data Intelligence Platform security perspective, the platform supports ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Consumer Authentication

by John Tolbert

... additional 3^rd^ party intelligence providers. Category Rating Security Strong positive Functionality Positive ... Cyber Threat Intelligence providers Transaction Guard add-on service Numerous security certifications ... other 3^rd^-party threat intelligence feeds No security certifications No support for ... that provides threat intelligence to the risk engine for real-time fraud prevention ... them in the future. Duo Security Duo Security provides a scalable MFA solution ...

Executive View

Executive View SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management

by Richard Hill

... the potential impact of security risks arising from a lack ... . # Introduction Access Governance & Intelligence is an IAM focused risk ... pattern recognition to deliver valuable intelligence for process optimization, role ... few years, many major security incidents originated from poorly managed ... espionage are becoming common security risks in virtually every ... detection, and other access intelligence capabilities. Another challenge today ... & Analytics solution provide interesting real-time graphics of user data. SecurEnds ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

by Richard Hill

... can include the level of security intelligence, forensic investigation tools, firewall, and ... Content management Patch management Endpoint intelligence Endpoint security Wide range of supported ... , servers and mobile devices. Additional real-time intelligence and analytics, as well as ... software packaging and distribution, asset intelligence, security management, patch management, auditing, and ... Content management Patch management Endpoint intelligence Endpoint security Good admin & DevOps support ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Identity as a Service (IDaaS) - IGA

by Martin Kuppinger

... and service delivery models. Improved time-to-value proposition prioritizes adoption ... might impose (perceived, not necessarily real) challenges regarding regulatory compliance and ... Open Policy Agent (OPA) for real-time microservices authorization. Overall, EmpowerID offers ... important features include support for time-bound access, auto de- ... to the cloud and provide real-time data synchronization across on-premises ... - 79066 Executive View: IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence - 71113 Executive View ...


Information Protection in Cloud Services

by Mike Small

... , new computing, paradigms, like machine intelligence and an agile development approach ... depend upon cloud services. Machine intelligence is such that requires such ... you store the key security like hardware security modules. So make sure ... anonymized data than to use real data. If you are going ... deployed is secure? And it's a real issue for a lot of organizations ... CSOs and it security directors, I hear all of the time that too ... , whether that's for compliance or security reasons or performance reasons, I wouldn ...


Using Deception for Early and Efficient Threat Detection

... victim of cyberattacks and other security risks. To combat modern ... too much time chasing benign behavior and consequently, real attacks ... and respond to real threats effectively in real-time. Distributed deception ... artifacts designed to authentically mimic real resources, e.g. domain credentials, within ... armed with detailed forensic intelligence collected in real-time from the attacker’s ... efficiency of your existing security operations center best practices ... solutions to your existing security infrastructure.

Executive View

Executive View Auth0 Platform

by Richard Hill

... are becoming more commonplace as security requirements. For example, the ... party MFA solutions like: Duo Security, Yubikeys, Google Authenticator and ... third-party threat or fraud intelligence. For example, consider a ... third-party threat intelligence feed that outputs a variable called ... connect Auth0 event logs in real-time to AWS services. Some ... native marketing analytics and business intelligence features. The product does ... highly extensible Challenges Limited API security, but easily integrates with ...


Designing and Establishing a Mature PAM Ecosystem for Reducing Risk in Your Organisation

by Paul Fisher

... privilege assets, cloud security for W's and cloud security is obviously something ... business technology, business processes, security integrations, and security processes. I'm not going ... it particularly causes problems for security. A recent survey done by ... incident response, your app security management, risk management forensics, ... is used perhaps for intelligence or another perhaps very ... this on demand elevation real-time on demand that allows ... being is a much better security control at a username replacement. ...

Market Compass

Market Compass Conversational AI Building Platforms

by Roland Bühler

... customer service, e.g., by providing real-time answers. This can be combined ... service solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Their Aivo Suite comprises ... Support Strong positive Privacy & Security Positive Strengths Intuitive interface (frontend ... & Support Positive Privacy & Security Positive Strengths Complete integration into ... Service & Support Positive Privacy & Security Strong positive Strengths Strong conversational ... & Support Positive Privacy & Security Strong positive Strengths Strong conversational ...