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Preparing for PSD2 technical requirements using RSA solutions

by John Tolbert

... in the financial sector, increase transactional security, and improve customer experiences. Directive ... composed of: Edge security firewalls, informed by 3^rd^ party cyber threat intelligence services Load ... balancers in the web tier, where security measures ... world’s leading computer and network security companies, headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, ... adjustments in policies. Real-time cyber threat intelligence and compromised credential intelligence from external sources ...

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Business Continuity in the age of Cyber Attacks

by Warwick Ashford

... , and consequently, organizations face a very real risk of being caught up in nation ... . Granting administrator privileges for a limited time on a right-to-work, case-by-case ... strong technologies (such as security intelligence platforms) that go beyond traditional Security Information and Event ... investigation. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security and Continuity Organizations should evaluate ... to identify malicious activity by investing in security intelligence platforms and other AI-supported systems ...


AI Governance: Doing AI Ethically is Doing AI Right • IBM's View on AI Governance

by Mike Small, Dr. Richard Tomsett, Anne Bailey

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and many organizations ... to exploit these technologies, at the same time there are many concerns around ... useful for detecting fraudulent activity, security breaches and non-compliance. How ... , IBM's enterprise cloud tool for real-time monitoring of deployed AI systems that greatly ...

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Access Control Tools for SAP Environments

by Martin Kuppinger

... Governance) Auditor support and run-time execution for audits Support for ... is structured into three areas, Platform Security, Security Intelligence, and Identity and User Access ... provides better insight into the real access risks, but also identifies ... with its ISIGI (IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence) an IGA (Identity Governance & Administration ... is lesser focused on automated enforcement of controls, a real-time analysis of the status of controls, or specialized ...

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Incident Response Management

by Christopher Schütze

... for signs of intrusions. Multiple security products are deployed to provide full ... Prevention mechanisms should be implemented by the IT Security Operations team for the highly ... are shared by cyber threat intelligence providers, which have often been ... operating systems, applications, and frontline security tools such as Endpoint Protection ( ... IT assets. In the “Detection” phase, a Security Operations Center (SOC) actively monitors ... for SOC staff to view activities in real-time as well as for analysts to do forensic ...

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Optimizing your Cybersecurity Spending

by Christopher Schütze

... exploits, which are, at the time of initial execution, undiscovered vulnerabilities in ... organizations are not aware of the real threats, risks, and costs ... past Protection from future attacks Real-time or near-real-time detection of attacks Mitigation of ... on the following key technologies: Security Intelligence Platforms, next-gen SIEM tools ... . Integrate threat intelligence, UBA (User Behavior Analytics ... to DevSecOps to better support it. Typical IT Security (desktops/laptops, servers, mobile devices ...

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Harness Your Identity Analytics to Deliver Contextual Authentication • Panel: Transforming Secure Access to be Intelligent

by Niklas Brask, Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt, Steve Hutchinson, Ingo Schubert, Simon Moffatt

... using dynamic data that is created in real-time? Steve “Hutch” Hutchinson, GE’s Principal ... be used not only to enhance authentication security, but also to shine a light on ... sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence tools are within the realm ... is a cornerstone to a robust zero-trust security framework. When it comes to making access ... of reducing friction AND adding security to protect applications and data ... critical to the business. It provides security and convenience, considering the needs ...


OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

by John Tolbert

... -based authentication (KBA), sometimes called “security questions” is also insufficient as most of the ... Audits Privileged access management Application security guidelines Risk assessments Knowledgeable personnel ... , despite its inherent security problems. KBA involves setting up security questions at registration and ... transactional risk scores in near real-time. These types of intelligence feeds can help reduce ... a long history of providing highly effective security solutions, including token-based authenticators ...

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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

by Mike Small

... continuity of IT services is an essential part of the security triad of confidentiality, integrity and availability ... (Recovery Time Objectives) Recommended x RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) Recommended x Security/Compliance Certifications ... and ensures that data is synced in real time. When cutover is initiated, CloudEndure executes ... the Analytics Engine delivers the intelligence and insight. The Accelerator is a ... natively into Compass^TM^ is a high level of security including encryption as well as cyber-attack ...

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Distributed Decentralized AI: Create, Share, Scale, Monetize

by Anne Bailey

... current. Distributed and decentralized artificial intelligence is one of these fields. ... Analysis What is Decentralized AI? Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is a concept that is ... heterogeneous devices to give real-time estimations of delivery time, road conditions, product ... with untrusted partners creates a security hazard. Blockchain architectures are often ... you into a false sense of security. Some aspects of a partner relationship ... each relationship, as well as the security of your own and a partner’s ...